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Generic properties and control of linear structured systems: a survey
In this survey paper, we consider linear structured systems in state space form, where a linear system is structured when each entry of its matrices, like A,B,C and D, is either a fixed zero or aExpand
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Sparse representations of phase-type distributions
A phase-type distribution is the distribution of hitting time in a finite-state Markov chain. A phase-type distribution is triangular if one can find an upper triangular markovian representation forExpand
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Disturbance Decoupling by Measurement Feedback with Stability or Pole Placement
In this paper we solve the disturbance decoupling problem by measurement feedback and requiring stability or pole placement on the closed loop system. The problem is attacked using the geometricExpand
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Modeling and analysis of closed-loop production lines with unreliable machines and finite buffers
The purpose of this paper is to propose an analytical method for the performance evaluation of closed-loop production lines with unreliable machines and finite buffers. Such a system consists of aExpand
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Input addition and leader selection for the controllability of graph-based systems
In this paper, we consider dynamical graph-based models, which are well fitted for the structural analysis of complex systems. A significant amount of work has been devoted to the controllability ofExpand
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Phase-type distributions and representations: Some results and open problems for system theory
In this paper we consider phase-type distributions. These distributions correspond to the random hitting time of an absorbing Markov chain. They are used for modelling various random times, inExpand
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Observer-based fault detection and isolation for structured systems
Fault detection and isolation (FDI) problems are here consid- ered for linear systems with faults and disturbances. We design a set of ob- server-based residuals in such a way that the transfer fromExpand
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Observability recovering by additional sensor implementation in linear structured systems
In this paper, we consider linear structured systems which represent a large class of parameter dependent linear systems. We focus our attention on observability analysis. It turns out that theExpand
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On the reachability in any fixed time for positive continuous-time linear systems
This paper deals with the reachability of continuous-time linear positive systems. The reachability of such systems, which we will call here the strong reachability, amounts to the possibility ofExpand
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Sensor Location for Diagnosis in Linear Systems: A Structural Analysis
  • C. Commault, J. Dion
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
  • 12 February 2007
We consider here the fault detection and isolation (FDI) problem for linear systems. We are interested in designing a set of observer-based residuals, in such a way that the transfer from the faultsExpand
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