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Connecting place, policy and leadership
This first article in this issue provides a broad introduction to the theme of leadership and place for the case studies that follow. The article is an opening review which aims to achieve threeExpand
Flat ontology and the deconstruction of scale: a response to Marston, Jones and Woodward
To identify the subject matter of human geography it is generally necessary to draw spatial boundaries at some level of abstraction. Whether the focus is upon patriarchalism or the new imperialism,Expand
Self-Organisation of Society by Scale: A Spatial Reworking of Regulation Theory
The scaling of social systems gives rise to a ‘vertical’ ordering that combines with the more familiar ‘horizontal’ ordering by place. But so far this phenomenon has been examined mainly from aExpand
Place-making and the limitations of spatial leadership: reflections on the Øresund
The concepts of place-making and place-shaping have grown in prominence over recent years, and have been taken up increasingly into public policy discourse. As used by many commentators, theseExpand
The Différance between Society and Space: Nested Scales and the Returns of Spatial Fetishism
By using a framework of spatial categories to illuminate social change, scale analysis intersects with a series of arguments that have been put forward over the years regarding the relationshipExpand
Political Power and Corporate Managerialism in Local Government: The Organisation of Executive Functions
The history of British local government since the 19th century reveals two opposite organisational tendencies. On the one hand there has been the entrenchment of a decentralised political structureExpand
Leadership and place
Foreword: Placing leadership Keith Grint 1. Introduction: Leadership and place Chris Collinge, John Gibney and Chris Mabey 2. Connecting place, policy and leadership Chris Collinge and John Gibney 3.Expand
Strategic planning and management in local government
In recent years strategic planning and management have experienced a renaissance in local government. Focusing on practical and realistic concerns, this book explains the reasons behind this revivalExpand
Managing strategy in local government
Explains the process of strategic management based on the existing literature and fits these concepts within the domain of local government. Develops a tentative model of the development of aExpand
Positions without Negations? Dialectical Reason and the Contingencies of Space
The dialectical tradition that derives from Hegel and Marx has been very influential within social science, flowing into human geography from the early 1970s through the work of Lefebvre and Harvey.Expand