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Effect of the inclusion of mushroom values on the optimal management of even-aged pine stands of Catalonia.
Results showed that on sites where the potential mushroom yield is high, mushrooms should be taken into account in stand management, and the optimal economic management for both timber and mushrooms in even-aged Scots pine and Black pine stands in Catalonia is examined.
Modelling the production and species richness of wild mushrooms in pine forests of the Central Pyrenees in northeastern Spain
Empirical models for predicting the production of wild mushrooms in pine forests in the South-Central Pyrenees using forest stand and site characteristics as predictors are developed.
Cryphonectria parasitica vegetative compatibility type analysis of populations in south-western France and northern Spain.
The finding of 47 incompatible vc types confirmed that the genetics of vegetative compatibility could not be totally accounted for by six diallelic vic genes, and provided good opportunities for natural regulation in forest coppices and for biocontrol with CHV-1 in orchards.
Climate Change Effects on Mediterranean Forests and Preventive Measures
This paper synthesizes and reviews literature concerning climate change effects on Mediterranean forest ecology and management as well as the restorative techniques necessary to maintain forest
Empirical models for predicting the production of wild mushrooms in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) forests in the Central Pyrenees
A predictive model was used to model the dependence of mushroom production on stand and site factors and showed that productions were greatest when stand basal area was approximately 20 m2 ha−1, which correlated with autumn rainfall.
Mycelial abundance and other factors related to truffle productivity in Tuber melanosporum-Quercus ilex orchards.
Relative quantification of DNA from Tuber melanosporum mycelia was performed by conventional and real-time PCR in soil from trees in three truffle orchards of different ages to determine: (1) whether
Detection of Tuber melanosporum DNA in soil.
Mycelium was detected primarily within the area defined by the truffle burn and within the top 35 cm of the soil in all directions from the trees, and around two truffle-bearing Quercus ilex trees in a truffle orchard.