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Impacts of Marine Protected Areas on Fishing Communities
It is demonstrated that MPAs shape the social well-being and political power of fishing communities; impacts (positive and negative) vary within and among social groups; and social impacts are correlated with some--but not all--commonly hypothesized explanatory factors.
A Property Rights Approach to Understanding Human Displacement from Protected Areas: the Case of Marine Protected Areas
  • M. Mascia, C. Claus
  • Economics
    Conservation biology : the journal of the Society…
  • 1 February 2009
A conceptual framework from the political economy literature is used to examine different forms of human displacement from protected areas and characterized the 5 types of property rights that are reallocated (lost, secured, and gained) through the establishment of protected areas.
Disaster, degradation, dystopia
In this chapter we examine the contributions that the field of political ecology – with its focus on the mutually constitutive relationships between environments, cultures, politics and power – has
Beyond Merroir: The Okinawan Taste for Clams
In southwestern Okinawa, local residents are reinvigorating their culinary heritage through a clam restoration project that began in 2009. The clams—giant clams, locally known as geera —have declined
The roles of people in conservation
The study of human beings in conservation is often eclipsed by the study of threatened species and their environments. This is surprising given that conservation activities are human activities, and
The Social Life of Okinawan Corals
  • C. Claus
  • Environmental Science
  • 6 February 2017
In Japan, degradation of the nation’s southwestern coral reefs has been identified as a pressing environmental problem, and corals have been transformed into valuable commodities for conservation.
  • C. Claus
  • Education
    Writing Anthropology
  • 1 May 2020