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Demystifying Cultural Theories and Practices: Locating Black Immigrant Experiences in Teacher Education Research.
The number of immigrants of color residing in the United States reached 13.5 million in March 2005, the highest in U. S. history (Camarota, 2005). By 2010 the number of Black immigrants and theirExpand
Effective Multicultural Curriculum Transformation Across Disciplines
Resistance to multicultural curriculum transformation has long been assumed to be a function solely of faculty racism, sexism, classism, and so forth, especially in the fields of "advanced"Expand
Multicultural Education and the Digital Divide: Focus on Socioeconomic Class Background
In its February 2001 report titled Telecommunications: Characteristics and Choices of Internet Users, the United States General Accounting Office (GAO) examined, among other things, the socioeconomicExpand
Multicultural Education and the Digital Divide: Focus on Race, Language, Socioeconomic Class, Sex, and Disability
The digital divide refers to the gap created by access or lack of access to and the manner of use of technology by members of various social identity groups (Bolt & Crawford, 2000). Its connotationExpand
Promoting friendship through best buddies: a national survey of college program participants.
Results suggest that college students and people with intellectual disabilities benefited from participation in Best Buddies, although the percentage was lower than that of college students. Expand
Employed Parents of Children with Disabilities and Work Family Life Balance: A Literature Review
AbstractBackground Work family balance (WFB) is an individual’s perception of the fit between work and family roles. Among employed parents of typically developing children WFB has been demonstratedExpand
The British Malting Industry Since 1830
Malt is the main ingredient in the national beverage, beer. For centuries the malting industry has provided a bridge between the agricultural industry and the brewing industry. This text is anExpand
Diversity Initiatives in Higher Education: Multicultural Education as a Tool for Reclaiming Schools Organized as Breeding Grounds for Prisons.
Most teachers, and students alike, know what a “good” education is, at the same time they also know that, most often, they are not providing and receiving one, respectively (Cho, 1999; Clark, 1993;Expand