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Quaternary geology and geomorphology of South America
Physical geography of South America quaternary tectonics of South America quaternary volcanism in South America characteristics of the quaternary volcanic zones quaternary of the alluvial basinsExpand
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Climatic inferences from glacial and palaeoecological evidence at the last glacial termination, southern South America
There is uncertainty about the interhemispheric timing of climatic changes during the last glacial-interglacial transition. Different hypotheses, relying on different lines of evidence, pointExpand
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Quaternary glaciations of the southern Andes
Abstract The southern Andes comprise the southernmost portion of the Andean Cordillera, beginning at the edge of the Puna Altiplano (lat.27°S) and ending at Isla de los Estados (lat.55°S). The lateExpand
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Evidence for late‐glacial ice dammed lakes in the central strait of magellan and bahía inútil, southernmost south america
ABSTRACT. This paper critically appraises the evidence for a succession of ice‐dammed lakes in the central Strait of Magellan (c. 53°S) c. 17 000–12 250 cal. yr BP. The topographic configuration ofExpand
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Nature of environmental changes in South America at the Last Glacial Maximum
Abstract A review is given of geomorphological evidence suggesting the nature of environmental changes in South America during the Last Glaciation Maximum (LGM). The data are from glacial,Expand
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The Last Glaciation in central Magellan-Strait, southernmost Chile
Abstract Glacial landforms and drift stratigraphy in central Magellan Strait, southernmost Chile, document repeated fluctuations during the last glacial cycle of outlet lobes from an ice cap centeredExpand
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The glaciation of the Andes
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Late-glacial and Holocene glacier fluctuations and environmental change on South Georgia, Southern Ocean
South Georgia provides a terrestrial record of postglacial environmental change from a largely oceanic zone of the Earth. The record is representative of the southern westerlies and provides a linkExpand
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Quaternary glaciations in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic peninsula area
Abstract There are three main difficulties in constructing detailed time series for Late Quaternary glacier fluctuations in the Southern Ocean-sub-Antarctic region: sea level control on ice extent,Expand
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Quaternary glaciations in the southern hemisphere: An overview
Abstract Large glacier systems in Antarctica have existed at least since the Early Miocene. Glaciers in the Patagonian Andes advanced in the Late Miocene and fluctuated several times during theExpand
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