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Fine structure of chloride cells in freshwater- and seawater-adapted Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus) and Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters)
Ultrastructural features of branchial chloride cells in Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus) and O. mossambicus (Peters) adapted to both fresh water and sea water were compdred. In freshwater adaptedExpand
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Age and growth determination by skeletochronology in loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) from the Mediterranean Sea
Skeletochronology was applied to humerus bones to assess the age and growth rates of loggerhead sea turtles ( Caretta caretta ) in the Mediterranean Sea. Fifty-five dead turtles with curved carapaceExpand
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Expression of Nitric Oxide Synthase in the Preoptic-Hypothalamo-Hypophyseal System of the Teleost Oreochromis niloticus
In the present study, we have analyzed the expression of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) in the preoptic-hypothalamo-hypophyseal system of the teleost Oreochromis niloticus. The assay for enzyme activityExpand
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Partial cloning of neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) cDNA and regional distribution of nNOS mRNA in the central nervous system of the Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus.
A constitutive NOS complementary DNA (cDNA) was partially cloned by RT-PCR from the brain of a teleost, the Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), using degenerate primers against conserved regions ofExpand
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Co-localization of neuronal nitric oxide synthase with arginine–vasotocin in the preoptic–hypothalamo–hypophyseal system of the teleost Oreochromis niloticus
This study provides evidence that, in the preoptic-hypothalamo-hypophysial system of the teleost Oreochromis niloticus, several sub-populations of arginine-vasotocin (AVT)-producing neurons andExpand
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The role of neural retina in lens regeneration from cornea in larval Xenopus laevis.
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Nitric oxide and neuromodulation in the caudal neurosecretory system of teleosts.
Although evidence exists that nitric oxide (NO) mediates neuroendocrine secretion in mammals, the involvement of NO in the neuroendocrine regulation of non-mammalian vertebrates has yet to beExpand
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Lens formation from pericorneal epidermis in the presence of the old lens in larval Xenopus laevis
The lens-forming capacity of the pericorneal epidermis of Xenopus laevis larvae at stage 51 has been investigated. The results obtained show that, whether or not the lens is present, the pericornealExpand
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Lens formation from cornea in the presence of the old lens in larval Xenopus laevis.
Three different types of experiments were carried out to investigate the role of the lens in lens-forming transformations of the outer cornea of Xenopus laevis tadpoles (at stage 51, as defined byExpand
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Inhibition of lens regeneration in larval Xenopus laevis.
The present research aims at showing the role played by the lens in inhibiting lens-forming transformations of the outer cornea of Xenopus laevis tadpoles. Two types of experiment were carried out:Expand
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