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Label-free optical resonant sensors for biochemical applications
Abstract For a number of years, the scientific community has been paying growing attention to the monitoring and enhancement of public health and the quality of life through the detection of allExpand
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High performance InP ring resonator for new generation monolithically integrated optical gyroscopes.
An InP ring resonator with an experimentally demonstrated quality factor (Q) of the order of 10(6) is reported for the first time. This Q value, typical for low loss technologies such asExpand
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Photonic technologies for angular velocity sensing
Photonics for angular rate sensing is a well-established research field having very important industrial applications, especially in the field of strapdown inertial navigation. Recent advances inExpand
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Recent advances in miniaturized optical gyroscopes
Low-cost chip-scale optoelectronic gyroscopes having a resolution ≤ 10 °/h and a good reliability also in harsh environments could have a strong impact on the medium/high performance gyro market,Expand
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Quality factor and finesse optimization in buried InGaAsP/InP ring resonators
Quality factor and finesse of buried In1-xGaxAsyP1-y / InP ring resonators have been optimized in this paper by a very general modelling technique. Limiting effect of propagation loss within the ringExpand
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High performance SOI microring resonator for biochemical sensing
Abstract In this work we have investigated different silicon-on-insulator (SOI) microcavities based on a planar geometry having a footprint on chip as small as 100 μm2 with a ring, disk and hybridExpand
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Efficient Chemical Sensing by Coupled Slot SOI Waveguides
A guided-wave chemical sensor for the detection of environmental pollutants or biochemical substances has been designed. The sensor is based on an asymmetric directional coupler employing slotExpand
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A new integrated optical angular velocity sensor
Very compact and low-cost rotation sensors are strongly required for any moving systems in several applications. Integrated optical angular velocity sensors seem to be very promising in terms of lowExpand
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