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An introduction to wavelets
  • C. Chui
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 1 April 1993
An Overview: From Fourier Analysis to Wavelet Analysis. The Integral Wavelet Transform and Time-Frequency Analysis. Inversion Formulas and Duals. Classification of Wavelets. Multiresolution Analysis,Expand
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A symmetric image encryption scheme based on 3D chaotic cat maps
Abstract Encryption of images is different from that of texts due to some intrinsic features of images such as bulk data capacity and high redundancy, which are generally difficult to handle byExpand
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Kalman Filtering with Real-time Applications
Kalman Filtering with Real-Time Applications" presents a thorough discussion of the mathematical theory and computational schemes of Kalman filtering with real-time applications. Expand
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A universal noise removal algorithm with an impulse detector
We introduce a local image statistic for identifying noise pixels in images corrupted with impulse noise of random values. Expand
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Wavelets: A Mathematical Tool for Signal Analysis
Foreword Preface Software Notation 1. What are wavelets? Waveform modeling and segmentation Time-frequency analysis Fast algorithms and filter banks 2. Time-Frequency Localization. Analog filters RMSExpand
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Compactly supported tight and sibling frames with maximum vanishing moments
The notion of vanishing-moment recovery (VMR) functions is introduced in this paper for the construction of compactly supported tight frames with two generators having the maximum order of vanishingExpand
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Coherent line drawing
This paper presents a non-photorealistic rendering technique that automatically generates a line drawing from a photograph that effectively captures and conveys important shapes in the image. Expand
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On compactly supported spline wavelets and a duality principle
Let ...⊂V −1 ⊂V 0 ⊂V 1 ⊂... be a multiresolution analysis of L 2 generated by the mth order B-spline N m (x). We exhibit a compactly supported basic wavelet ψ m (x) that generates the correspondingExpand
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Wavelets: A Tutorial in Theory and Applications
Orthogonal wavelets daubechies' scaling function on (0.3), D. Pollen wavelet matrices and the representation of discrete functions, P.N. Heller, et al wavelets and generalized functions, G.G. WalterExpand
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Wavelets on a Bounded Interval
The aim of this paper is to present two different approaches to the study of multiresolution analysis and wavelets on a bounded interval. Recently, Meyer obtained orthonormal wavelets on a boundedExpand
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