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Autophagy induction stabilizes microtubules and promotes axon regeneration after spinal cord injury
Significance Autophagy maintains cellular homoeostasis by bulk or selective degradation of cytoplasmic components including organelles or protein aggregates. Its role in axon regeneration remainsExpand
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A sequence of 28S rRNA-derived small RNAs is enriched in mature sperm and various somatic tissues and possibly associates with inflammation.
The growing understanding concerning the definition, classification, and function of small noncoding RNAs (sncRNAs) has led to the discovery of new sncRNA species of various sizes. Recent studiesExpand
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Epididymal Region-Specific miRNA Expression and DNA Methylation and Their Roles in Controlling Gene Expression in Rats
Region-specific gene expression is an intriguing feature of the mammalian epididymis. This unique property is essential for sperm maturation and storage, and it also implicates stringent andExpand
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Reversible pore-structure evolution in hollow silica nanocapsules: large pores for siRNA delivery and nanoparticle collecting.
The effective modulation of pore sizes for nanoporous silica nanoparticles still remains a great challenge not satisfactorily solved. In this paper, the pore sizes in the shell of hollow silicaExpand
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The use of Gene Ontology terms and KEGG pathways for analysis and prediction of oncogenes.
BACKGROUND Oncogenes are a type of genes that have the potential to cause cancer. Most normal cells undergo programmed cell death, namely apoptosis, but activated oncogenes can help cells avoidExpand
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Gene Ontology and KEGG Pathway Enrichment Analysis of a Drug Target-Based Classification System
Drug-target interaction (DTI) is a key aspect in pharmaceutical research. With the ever-increasing new drug data resources, computational approaches have emerged as powerful and labor-saving tools inExpand
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Bisphenol A accelerates capacitation-associated protein tyrosine phosphorylation of rat sperm by activating protein kinase A.
Bisphenol A (BPA) is a synthetic estrogen-mimic chemical. It has been shown to affect many reproductive endpoints. However, the effect of BPA on the mature sperm and the mechanism of its action areExpand
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Prediction and analysis of cell-penetrating peptides using pseudo-amino acid composition and random forest models
Cell-penetrating peptides, a group of short peptides, can traverse cell membranes to enter cells and thus facilitate the uptake of various molecular cargoes. Thus, they have the potential to becomeExpand
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Spink13, an Epididymis-specific Gene of the Kazal-type Serine Protease Inhibitor (SPINK) Family, Is Essential for the Acrosomal Integrity and Male Fertility*
  • L. Ma, H. Yu, +5 authors Y. Zhang
  • Medicine, Biology
  • The Journal of Biological Chemistry
  • 19 February 2013
Background: The molecular mechanism involved in sperm maturation is still not completely elucidated. Results: We identified an epididymis-specific gene, Spink13, that is essential for the acrosomalExpand
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