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FLUTE: Fast Lookup Table Based Rectilinear Steiner Minimal Tree Algorithm for VLSI Design
  • C. Chu, Y. Wong
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of…
  • 2008
It is shown experimentally that, over 18 industrial circuits in the ISPD98 benchmark suite, FLUTE with default accuracy is more accurate than the Batched 1-Steiner heuristic and is almost as fast as a very efficient implementation of Prim's rectilinear minimum spanning tree algorithm. Expand
Fast and exact simultaneous gate and wire sizing by Lagrangian relaxation
A fast and exact algorithm which can minimize total area subject to maximum delay bound and is based on Lagrangian relaxation and "one-gate/wire-at-a-time" local optimizations, and is extremely economical and fast. Expand
FastRoute: A Step to Integrate Global Routing into Placement
  • Min Pan, C. Chu
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer…
  • 5 November 2006
An extremely fast and high-quality global router called FastRoute is presented that incorporates global routing directly into placement process without much runtime penalty and will fundamentally change the way the EDA community look at and make use of global routing in the whole design flow. Expand
An efficient and effective detailed placement algorithm
This work presents an efficient and effective detailed placement algorithm to handle the wirelength minimization problem and proposes an efficient single-segment clustering technique to optimally shift cells within a segment to minimize wirelength. Expand
FastPlace 3.0: A Fast Multilevel Quadratic Placement Algorithm with Placement Congestion Control
This work presents FastPlace 3.0 - an efficient and scalable multilevel quadratic placement algorithm for large-scale mixed-size designs and achieves competitive results compared to a number of academic placers on the placement congestion constrained ISPD-2006 placement benchmarks. Expand
FastRoute 2.0: A High-quality and Efficient Global Router
  • Min Pan, C. Chu
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Asia and South Pacific Design Automation…
  • 23 January 2007
Two major techniques to improve the extremely fast global router, FastRoute, in terms of solution quality are proposed : (1) monotonic routing, (2) multi-source multi-sink maze routing. Expand
FLUTE: fast lookup table based wirelength estimation technique
  • C. Chu
  • Computer Science
  • 7 November 2004
The technique is based on pre-computed lookup table to make wirelength estimation very fast and very accurate for low degree nets and shows experimentally that for FLUTE, RMST, and HPWL, the average error in wirelength is 0.72%, 4.23%, and -8.71%, respectively. Expand
FastPlace: efficient analytical placement using cell shifting, iterative local refinement, and a hybrid net model
FastPlace-a fast, iterative, flat placement algorithm for large-scale standard cell designs based on the quadratic placement approach that produces a global placement with even cell distribution in a very short time and a hybrid net model that is a combination of the traditional clique and star models. Expand
Fast and accurate rectilinear steiner minimal tree algorithm for VLSI design
A new net breaking technique which is much better than the one in [1] and is particularly suitable for VLSI applications in which most nets have a degree 30 or less. Expand