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Predicting caregiving status and caregivers’ burden in multiple sclerosis. A short report
Caregivers’ stress was significantly positively correlated with age, EDSS, and duration of the disease and negatively with cognitive, physical, and mental health. Expand
The Onset of Multiple Sclerosis in Greece: A Single-Center Study of 1,034 Consecutive Patients
The onset of MS in Greece is similar to Western populations, with female gender, earlier age at onset, ‘bout onset’ and onset with optic neuritis associated with less severe disease and longer time to disability. Expand
Medical cannabis as an alternative therapeutics for Parkinsons' disease: Systematic review.
There is insufficient evidence to reform international legislation regarding cannabis use in PD practice and the positive effects described in uncontrolled studies have not been confirmed by the few and small RCTs. Expand
Assessing the Impact of Stress on a Series of Greek Patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
The role of stress in multiple sclerosis is supported, in line with recent efforts to implement stress coping techniques in their treatment, in a cross-sectional observational way. Expand
A case of Alemtuzumab-induced neutropenia in multiple sclerosis in association with the expansion of large granular lymphocytes
This is the first case of a patient with relapsing-remitting MS with neutropenia two months post-Alemtuzumab, with simultaneous presence of LGL cells in the blood and a robust therapeutic response to prednisolone. Expand
Contents Vol. 63, 2010
Nurses’ knowledge about perioperative care of patients with neurological diseases
Nurse's knowledge regarding perioperative care of neurological patients was insufficient, requiring appropriate improvement interventions, suggesting potential improvement strategies through targeted education and specialization of nurses. Expand
The Evolving Role of the Multiple Sclerosis Nurse - Implications of Future Management Directions
The role of the multiple sclerosis (MS) nurse is constantly evolving, owing to the introduction of new MS therapies and new patient treatment and support strategies. The second MS nurse symposium,Expand
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