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Nutrient-induced changes in intestinal blood flow in the dog.
The cardiovascular response to feeding consists of two phases. The anticipation/ingestion phase is a brief, generalized cardiovascular response mediated by sympathetic neural activity. TheExpand
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Regional blood flow during digestion in the conscious dog.
Blood flows to the major organs of the resting conscious dog were measured prior to and 30 and 90 min after feeding using the radioactive microsphere technique. Mean systemic arterial pressure, heartExpand
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Constituents of chyme responsible for postprandial intestinal hyperemia.
While local venous outflow was measured in anesthetized dogs, various constituents of intestinal chyme were placed in the jejunal lumen to identify those responsible for postprandial intestinalExpand
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Contribution of bile to postprandial intestinal hyperemia.
The role played by bile in postprandial intestinal hyperemia was examined by comparing the vascular effects of luminal placement of various nutrients with and without bile in situ jejunal segments ofExpand
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Evidence against local neural mechanism for intestinal postprandial hyperemia.
  • R. Nyhof, C. Chou
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The American journal of physiology
  • 1 September 1983
The role of local intestinal nerves in the nutrient-induced intestinal hyperemia was investigated in jejunal segments of anesthetized dogs by comparing the hyperemic effect of intraluminal glucoseExpand
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Relationship between intestinal blood flow and motility.
  • C. Chou
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annual review of physiology
  • 1982
namely by evoking a metabolic hyperemia and by causing an extravascular com­ pression. These produce opposite effects on local blood flow, and their interplay in the regulation of blood flow in theExpand
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Effect of flunixin meglumine on selected physiologic and performance parameters of athletically conditioned thoroughbred horses subjected to an incremental exercise stress test.
Twelve clinically sound, healthy, athletically conditioned Thoroughbred horses were subjected to an incremental exercise stress test to determine the effects and period of detection of a single doseExpand
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Intestinal vascular responses to naturally occurring vasoactive substances.
Summary The net response of blood vessels to an intra-arterially infused vasoactive agent results from the interplay of two or three actions. These are a direct effect on vascular smooth muscle, anExpand
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Localization of mesenteric hyperemia during digestion in dogs.
For localization of the site of post-prandial mesenteric hyperemia, low-fat, low-protein food was placed in either the stomach, duodenum, or jejunum while blood flow was measured in the celiacExpand
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