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Stiripentol in severe myoclonic epilepsy in infancy: a randomised placebo-controlled syndrome-dedicated trial
BACKGROUND Stiripentol is an inhibitor of cytochrome P450 that showed antiepileptic efficacy in severe myoclonic epilepsy in infancy (SMEI) in association with clobazam and valproate in an openExpand
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Migrating Partial Seizures in Infancy: A Malignant Disorder with Developmental Arrest
Summary: Fourteen infants of both sexes had a previously unreported epileptic condition characterized by nearly continuous multifocal seizures. The first seizures occurred at a mean age of 3 months,Expand
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Changes in regional cerebral blood flow during brain maturation in children and adolescents.
Regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) was studied by SPECT using 133Xe in 42 children, aged 2 days to 19 years, considered as neurologically normal. rCBF was measured on cortical regions and on theExpand
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The three stages of epilepsy in patients with CDKL5 mutations
Mutations in the X‐linked cyclin‐dependent kinase‐like 5 (CDKL5) gene are responsible for a severe encephalopathy with early epilepsy. So far, the electroclinical phenotype remains largely unknownExpand
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The right brain hemisphere is dominant in human infants.
The development of functional brain asymmetry during childhood is confirmed by changes in cerebral blood flow measured at rest using dynamic single photon emission computed tomography. Between 1 andExpand
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Acute encephalopathy with inflammation-mediated status epilepticus
Fever-induced refractory epileptic encephalopathy in school-aged children (FIRES), and idiopathic hemiconvulsion-hemiplegia syndrome (IHHS) are both triggered by fever, although evidence for a causalExpand
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Devastating epileptic encephalopathy in school-aged children (DESC): A pseudo encephalitis
PURPOSE To describe the characteristics of a previously overlooked devastating epileptic encephalopathy that presents as intractable bilateral perisylvian epilepsy starting with prolonged statusExpand
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A Conserved Switch in Sensory Processing Prepares Developing Neocortex for Vision
Developing cortex generates endogenous activity that modulates the formation of functional units, but how this activity is altered to support mature function is poorly understood. Using recordingsExpand
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Early Pattern of Epilepsy in the Ring Chromosome 20 Syndrome
Summary:  Purpose: The characteristics of epilepsy in ring chromosome 20 have been reported in adolescents and adults. The mode of onset most often remains imprecise. To clarify this onset period, weExpand
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Late plasticity for language in a child's non-dominant hemisphere: a pre- and post-surgery fMRI study.
The ability of the right hemisphere to sustain the acquisition or the recovery of language after extensive damage to the left hemisphere has been essentially related to the age at the time of injury.Expand
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