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Cultivating Charisma: Ikeda Daisaku's Self Presentations and Transformational Leadership
Although social scientific studies of leadership have progressed significantly since the 1960s, discussions of popular religious leaders remain grounded in Weberian ideas on "charisma." BecauseExpand
The meaning of life in medicine: non-religious spiritual care in Japan
Within the context of a growing global interest in the role of spirituality in medicine, “spiritual care” has developed as a form of patient-centered care that addresses existential suffering. ThisExpand
Shamans in Asia
Editors Preface 1. Peter Knecht Aspects of Shamanism: An Introduction 2. F. Georg Heyne The Social Significance of the Shaman among the Chinese Reindeer-Evenki 3. Anwarul Karim Shamanism inExpand
A Religion in Death Throes: How Secrecy Undermines the Survival of a Crypto Shin Buddhist Tradition in Japan Today
Although we know that religions decline and die, we know little about what causes them to do so. This article introduces a form of underground or crypto Pure Land Buddhism that has been practiced inExpand
Secrecy Creates Dilemmas
The marginalization of religion in Japan today
This report on "religion in the news" in Japan between October 2003 and September 2004 is an abridged translation of a report published in Japanese as ???? in ???? (2005), a journal publishedExpand
Nanzan guide to Japanese religions
The ""Nanzan Guide to Japanese Religions"" combines, for the first time in any language, state-of-the-field theoretical and critical discussions. With concrete resources, students and scholars needExpand
Secrecy Preserves and Transforms
The Postwar Developments of Japanese Studies in the United States
The present volume documents the postwar history of United States scholarship on Japan. A careful selection of North American scholars under the general editorship of Helen Hardacre (ReischauerExpand