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Herbal medicines for diabetes mellitus: a review.
Herbal medicines have been the highly esteemed source of medicine throughout human history and they are widely used today indicating that herbs are a growing part of modern, high-tech medicine. Expand
Antioxidant properties of Ficus species - a review.
Ficus is a huge tropical ,deciduous , evergreen tree with more than 800 species . Bark , root , leaves , fruit and latex of this plant are frequently usedfor the treatment of various illnesses. FicusExpand
Medicinal importance of natural dyes - a review.
The present review describes the detail information about basic chemistry of the major pigments and their medicinal importance found in naturally occurring dye yielding plants, which are helpful to further development of pharmaceutical formulations. Expand
Solanum nigrum Linn.- A Review
This review has explored the phyto-pharmacological properties of the Solanum nigrum plant and compiled its vast pharmacological applications to comprehend and synthesize the subject of its potential image of multipurpose medicinal agent. Expand
Hepatoprotective Herbs – A Review
The present review is aimed at compiling data on promising phytochemi-cals from medicinal plants that have been tested in hepatotoxicity models using modern scientific system. Expand
Development, characterization & invivo evaluation of proniosomal based transdermal delivery system of Atenolol
Abstract The potential of proniosomes as a transdermal drug delivery system for Atenolol was investigated by encapsulating the drug in various formulations of proniosomal gel composed of variousExpand
Orthopaedic patients’ perceptions abouttheir pre-operative information
The findings indicate that most patients perceived the pre-operative information to be useful in their preparation for surgery, and aspects that were not addressed during preoperative information sessions included post-operative nutrition, pain medication, ambulation, deep breathing and coughing exercises. Expand
In-vitro anthelmintic activity of roots of Acalypha indica Linn.
Crude alcoholic extract of root of Acalypha indica significantly demonstrated paralysis and also caused death of worms especially at higher concentration of Albendazole used as compared reference Albenazole. Expand
Sesame oil enhances endogenous antioxidants in ischemic myocardium of rat
It is demonstrated that the sesame oil treated by the dose 10 mL/kg augments endogenous antioxidant compounds of the rat heart and also prevents the myocardium from in-vitro model of myocardial ischemic reperfusion injury. Expand