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Biological wastewater treatment in warm climate regions
Introduction to Water Quality and to Wastewater Treatment Basic Principles of Wastewater Treatment Natural Treatment Systems Anaerobic Reactors Activated Sludge Sludge Treatment and Disposal
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Post-Treatment Options for the Anaerobic Treatment of Domestic Wastewater
This paper focuses on the post-treatment options for the anaerobic treatment of domestic wastewater. Initially, the main limitations of anaerobic systems regarding carbon, nutrients and pathogenExpand
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Anaerobic sewage treatment: state of the art, constraints and challenges
Abstract The interest in high-rate anaerobic (pre-)treatment of sewage using UASB reactors is steadily growing since its introduction in the mid-1980s. Today there are hundreds of full-scale plantsExpand
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Quantification of dissolved methane in UASB reactors treating domestic wastewater under different operating conditions.
This paper aimed at measuring the concentration of methane dissolved in effluents from different UASB reactors (pilot-, demo- and full-scale) treating domestic wastewater, in order to calculate theExpand
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Influence of incubation conditions on the specific methanogenic activity test
The main objective of this work was to evaluate the influence of incubating conditions on the specific methanogenic activity (SMA) test in order to harmonize the test protocol. For this serum bottlesExpand
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Estimates of methane loss and energy recovery potential in anaerobic reactors treating domestic wastewater.
This work aimed at developing a mathematical model that could estimate more precisely the fraction of chemical oxygen demand (COD) recovered as methane in the biogas and which, effectively,Expand
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Metodologias para determinação da atividade metanogênica específica (AME) em lodos anaeróbios
This paper presents a review on the different methodologies to determine the specific methanogenic activity (SMA) of anaerobic sludges. The protocols available in the literature differ not onlyExpand
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Behaviour of pharmaceuticals and endocrine disrupting chemicals in simplified sewage treatment systems.
This work assessed the behaviour of nine pharmaceuticals and/or endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in demo-scale upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactors (UASB reactors) coupled to distinctExpand
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Production and characterization of scum and its role in odour control in UASB reactors treating domestic wastewater.
There are few studies in the literature that have aimed at characterizing the physical, chemical, and microbial aspects of scum produced in UASB reactors. In addition, there is little information onExpand
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Methane and hydrogen sulfide emissions in UASB reactors treating domestic wastewater.
The release of CH(4) and H(2)S in UASB reactors was evaluated with the aim to quantify the emissions from the liquid surfaces (three-phase separator and settler compartment) and also from theExpand
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