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Periconiella species (anamorphic Mycosphaerellaceae) from Taiwan
Three Periconiella species were collected in Taiwan and investigated with light and scanning electron microscopy and nuc LSU rDNA analysis. A new species of Periconiella is proposed for a hyphomyceteExpand
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Tricholoma Titans, a New Record for Taiwan
A description and illustrations of Tricholoma titans, a species newly recorded from Taiwan, based on a collection from Hsinshe are discussed. T. giganteum is considered to be similar to T. titans butExpand
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Two new species of Ramichloridium-like hyphomycetes from senescent leaves of Night-scented Lily (Alocasia odora) in Taiwan
Two new species of dematiaceous hyphomycetes isolated from senescent leaves of Night-scented Lily, Alocasia odora (plant family: Araceae) are described based on light and scanning electron microscopyExpand
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Phellinus Linteus Extract Induces Autophagy and Synergizes With 5-Fluorouracil to Inhibit Breast Cancer Cell Growth
Phellinus linteus (PL) is a medicinal mushroom due to its several biological properties, including anticancer activity. However, the mechanisms of its anticancer effect remain to be elucidated. WeExpand
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Helicomyxa everhartioides , a new helicosporous sporodochial hyphomy-cete from Taiwan with relationships to the Hyaloriaceae ( Auriculariales , Basidiomycota )
A hyphomycete producing hemi-circinate, hyaline, aseptate conidia from clamped conidiophores in gelatinous sporodochia was discovered in Taiwan. In view of its unique combination of characteristics,Expand
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Naohidea Oberwinkler (1990)
Publisher Summary This chapter studies the genus Naohidea. In asexual reproduction yeast cells are elongate and budding is predominantly polar. Buds frequently develop close to the base of the parentExpand
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Tremella occultifuroidea sp. nov., a new mycoparasite ofDacrymyces
Tremella occultifuroidea, a new parasite of dacrymycetaceous fungi is described. It differs from knownTremella parasites in dacrymycetaceous hosts by thick-walled dikaryotic conidia, terminally andExpand
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