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Electron-beam-induced deposition and post-treatment processes to locally generate clean titanium oxide nanostructures on Si(100).
A post-treatment procedure to deplete the unintended deposits by moderate sputtering after the EBID of titanium tetraisopropoxide in ultra-high vacuum and presents a new pathway for the fabrication of clean localized nanostructures. Expand
Combination of DNA single strand synthesis with PCR to construct mung bean trypsin inhibitor gene.
This paper using the synthesis of mung bean trypsin inhibitor gene as an example, presented a new method for gene synthesis based on the combination of the single strand strategy and the PCR technique that was very simple, convenient and rapid. Expand
[Cloning and expression in E. coli of 2,5-DKG reductase I from Corynebacterium].
  • C. Chen, G. Yin
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Wei sheng wu xue bao = Acta microbiologica Sinica
  • 1 December 1998
The results indicate that most of the recombinant protein induced at 42 degrees C was existed with inclusion bodies, and was the bases of constructing a recombinant Erwinia which can produce 2-KLG directly from D-glucose by one-step fermentation. Expand
Virus removal in advanced wastewater treatment systems.
The Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County operate five biological secondary treat ment plants that discharge chlorinated effluent into the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel River flood control channels,Expand
[Studies on microbial polynucleotide phosphorylase].