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Identification of influence factors in a thermal model of a plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition process
This study is focused on several stages of an identification methodology and consists of selection of the parameters of influence and their identification considering state observations. A partialExpand
Optimal Sensor Strategy for Parametric Identification of a Thermal System
Abstract Recent investigations on the solar hardening and on the induced stresses in solar-irradiated metallic materials have shown encouraging results and provide an alternative to more conventionalExpand
Finite element analysis of a transient nonlinear heat transfer problem
Abstract In this paper we consider a solid-gas chemical reactor and we state the model describing the evolution of the system. We give a study of the model both from a mathematical and numericalExpand
3D thermal modeling of a plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition process
Due to unique properties such as hardness, or a low friction coefficient, amorphous silicon carbide films are attractive for mechanical applications. Even if plasma assisted chemical vapor depositionExpand
A method for the identification of heat transfers on the surface of a material: Application to a plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition process
A method for the identification of heat transfers on the surface of a material is investigated and several numerical aspects of the resolution of a such an inverse problem are presented. Expand
Experimental Study and Simulation of Titanium Alloys' Surface Mechanical Properties Modified by Plasma Nitriding: Influence on Adhesion of A‐SiC:H Coatings
To improve adhesion of a-SiC:H thin films on a titanium alloy (TA6V), a nitriding is performed in nitrogen, argon, hydrogen gas mixture using a hybrid microwave/low frequency plasma device. TheExpand
Two-dimensional modelling of a non-confined circular impinging jet reactor—fluid dynamics and heat transfer
Abstract Coupled momentum and heat transfers have been numerically studied in a non-confined, axisymmetrical, laminar, and initially cold jet impinging on a flat substrate heated at high temperature.Expand
Numerical simulation of the cooling of a hot disk rapidly subjected to combined convective and radiant heat losses
The development of a transient method for measuring the spectral directional emissivity of solid materials at high temperature is currently being completed by the analysis of the influence of variousExpand
2D modelling of a non-confined circular impinging jet reactor; Si chemical vapour deposition
The 2D modelling of a chemical vapour deposition reactor with a non-confined impinging jet configuration has been undertaken. The deposition rate of silicon from an initial gas mixture composed ofExpand
Modelling of turbulent fluxes in water surface ecosystems studies
The study of aquatic ecosystems has taken advantage of the development of mathematical models considered as tools applied for comprehension, simulation and prediction. But their final adjustment isExpand