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Mesobiliverdin IXα Enhances Rat Pancreatic Islet Yield and Function
The aims of this study were to produce mesobiliverdin IXα, an analog of anti-inflammatory biliverdin IXα, and to test its ability to enhance rat pancreatic islet yield for allograft transplantationExpand
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Coumarins and antiplatelet aggregation constituents from Formosan Peucedanum japonicum.
Four new khellactone esters, (-)-trans-3'-acetyl-4'-senecioylkhellactone, (+-)-cis-3'-acetyl-4'-tigloylkhellactone, (+-)-cis-4-tigloylkhellactone, (+)-trans-4'-tigloylkhellactone, together with 14Expand
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Synthesis and anticancer activity studies of cyclopamine derivatives.
A diversity-oriented synthesis has been developed for facile construction of a library of carbohydrate-cyclopamine conjugates. The synthetic protocol is suitable for generating cyclopamineExpand
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Cyclopamine: from cyclops lambs to cancer treatment.
In the late 1960s, the steroidal alkaloid cyclopamine was isolated from the plant Veratrum californicum and identified as the teratogen responsible for craniofacial birth defects including cyclops inExpand
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Aminoglycoside interactions and impacts on the eukaryotic ribosome
Significance Aminoglycosides are well known as antibiotics that target the bacterial ribosome. However, they also impact the eukaryotic translation mechanism to promote read-through of prematureExpand
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Pyranmycins, a novel class of aminoglycosides with improved acid stability: the SAR of D-pyranoses on ring III of pyranmycin.
[reaction: see text] The synthesis of a novel class of aminoglycosides, pyranmycins, is reported along with the structure activity relationship (SAR) of their antibacterial activity againstExpand
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Relative toxicities and neuromuscular nicotinic receptor agonistic potencies of anabasine enantiomers and anabaseine.
Anabasine occurring in wild tree tobacco (Nicotiana glauca) and anabaseine occurring in certain animal venoms are nicotinic receptor agonist toxins. Anabasine lacks the imine double bond ofExpand
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Synthesis of trehalose-based compounds and their inhibitory activities against Mycobacterium smegmatis.
The synthesis of a library of trehalose-based compounds has been accomplished, and their activities against Mycobacterium smegmatis have been determined. A preliminary structure-activity relationshipExpand
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Synthesis and Combinational Antibacterial Study of 5″-Modified Neomycin
A library of 5″-modified neomycin derivatives were synthesized for an antibacterial structure–activity optimization strategy. Two leads exhibited prominent activity against both methicillin-resistantExpand
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Tuning the regioselectivity of the Staudinger reaction for the facile synthesis of kanamycin and neomycin class antibiotics with N-1 modification.
[reaction: see text] A novel method for achieving the desired regioselective reduction of the N-1 azido group on a tetraazidoneamine has been developed that leads to the synthesis of both kanamycinExpand
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