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An ID-based remote mutual authentication with key agreement scheme for mobile devices on elliptic curve cryptosystem
Recently, remote user authentication schemes are implemented on elliptic curve cryptosystem (ECC) to reduce the computation loads for mobile devices. However, most remote user authentication schemesExpand
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A steganographic method based upon JPEG and quantization table modification
In this paper, a novel steganographic method based on joint photographic expert-group (JPEG) is proposed. The proposed method modifies the quantization table first. Next, the secret message is hiddenExpand
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Isolated items discarding strategy for discovering high utility itemsets
Traditional methods of association rule mining consider the appearance of an item in a transaction, whether or not it is purchased, as a binary variable. However, customers may purchase more than oneExpand
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Sharing secrets in stego images with authentication
Recently, Lin and Tsai and Yang et al. proposed secret image sharing schemes with steganography and authentication, which divide a secret image into the shadows and embed the produced shadows in theExpand
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A Provably Secure, Efficient, and Flexible Authentication Scheme for Ad hoc Wireless Sensor Networks
In 2014, Turkanovic et al. proposed a smart card-based authentication scheme for heterogeneous ad hoc wireless sensor network. This scheme is very efficient since it employs only hash function andExpand
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SVD-based digital image watermarking scheme
In the past couple of years, several digital watermarking schemes have been proposed and based on DCT, DFT, and DWT transformations. In this paper, a singular value decomposition (SVD)-basedExpand
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Reversible Data Hiding Based on Histogram Modification of Pixel Differences
In this letter, we present a reversible data hiding scheme based on histogram modification. We exploit a binary tree structure to solve the problem of communicating pairs of peak points. DistributionExpand
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An efficient and secure multi-server password authentication scheme using smart cards
With the rapid growth of computer networks and communication technologies, more and more computers are linked together such that facilities can be shared through the networks. However, most resourcesExpand
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Multilevel reversible data hiding based on histogram modification of difference images
Reversible data hiding has drawn considerable attention in recent years. Reversibility allows original media to be completely recovered from marked media without distortion after embedded message hasExpand
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A steganographic method for digital images using side match
Abstract In order to provide larger embedding capacity and to minimize the distortion of the stego-image, a novel steganographic method using side information is presented in this paper. The methodExpand
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