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A Class of Pantothenic Acid Analogs Inhibits Plasmodium falciparum Pantothenate Kinase and Represses the Proliferation of Malaria Parasites
ABSTRACT The growth and proliferation of the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum are dependent on the parasite's ability to obtain essential nutrients. One nutrient for which the parasiteExpand
A Novel Redox Mechanism for the Glutathione-dependent Reversible Uptake of a Fungal Toxin in Cells*
The fungal metabolite gliotoxin is characterized by an internal disulfide bridge and can exist in either disulfide or dithiol forms. Gliotoxin and other members of the epipolythiodioxopiperazineExpand
Inactivation of Rabbit Muscle Creatine Kinase by Reversible Formation of an Internal Disulfide Bond Induced by the Fungal Toxin Gliotoxin*
The biological activity of gliotoxin is dependent on the presence of a strained disulfide bond that can react with accessible cysteine residues on proteins. Rabbit muscle creatine kinase contains 4Expand
Synthesis, electrochemistry, and bioactivity of the cyanobacterial calothrixins and related quinones.
The calothrixins are quinone-based natural products isolated from Calothrix cyanobacteria which show potent antiproliferative properties against several cancer cell lines. Preliminary mechanisticExpand
Structure-activity delineation of quinones related to the biologically active Calothrixin B.
Quinones such as Calothrixins A and B display a range of biological properties. As part of our ongoing studies to elucidate the mechanism of action of the Calothrixins, several related quinones wereExpand
Structure revision and cytotoxic activity of the scabrosin esters, epidithiopiperazinediones from the lichen Xanthoparmelia scabrosa
The scabrosin esters (1){(4), isolated from the lichen Xanthoparmelia scabrosa, were reanalysed by modern one- and two-dimensional n.m.r. spectroscopic methods, including 15N n.m.r. spectroscopy, andExpand
Hybocarpone, a novel cytotoxic naphthazarin derivative from mycobiont cultures of the lichen Lecanora hybocarpa
Abstract Hybocarpone ( 1 ), a novel pentacyclic naphthazarin-derived dimer has been isolated from mycobiont cultures derived from the lichen Lecanora hybocarpa . The structure of hybocarpone ( 1 )Expand
Structure-activity relationship studies of phenanthridine-based Bcl-XL inhibitors.
Despite their structural similarities, the natural products chelerythrine ( 5) and sanguinarine ( 6) target different binding sites on the pro-survival Bcl-X L protein. This paper details theExpand
Structural insights into the design of small molecule inhibitors that selectively antagonize Mcl-1.
The screening of a small focused library of rhodanine derivatives as inhibitors of Bcl-2 proteins led to the discovery of two structurally related compounds with different binding profiles againstExpand
Metalloenzymatic radical polymerization using alkyl halides as initiators
A novel initiation strategy for enzyme-induced radical polymerization that makes use of alkyl halides is reported here. The approach is remarkably versatile and can be applied to emulsionExpand