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Taxonomy of calcareous sponges (Porifera, Calcarea) sampled on artificial substrates of a recreational marina in the Tropical Northeastern Brazilian coast.
The results increase the number of species known in Bahia from 13 to 17 and emphasise that areas with a large amount of artificial hard substrates can potentially harbour an interesting and unknown diversity of calcareous sponges.
Taxonomic redescription of Leucandrilla wasinensis (Jenkin, 1908) and L. intermedia (Row, 1909) (Porifera, Calcarea): a first step to improve current knowledge on the typical features of the genus.
The main goal of the present work was to redescribe the holotype of L. wasinensis, and the results will improve the current knowledge on the features defining this genus and can be of great value for future works dealing with concerns on the validity, phylogeny and taxonomy of Leucandrilla.
Temporal variation in the recruitment of calcareous sponges (Porifera, Calcarea) in Todos os Santos Bay, tropical Brazilian coast
The results contribute to improve the current knowledge on the dynamics of each species found on the plates and reinforce the general view that the pattern of recruitment varies greatly in Calcarea, even amongst sympatric species.
Partial taxonomic revision of Amphoriscus Haeckel, 1870 (Porifera: Calcarea), with description of A. decennis sp. nov.
In this study, several species were revisited by the redescription of type and/or additional specimens, which results in considerable advances, including changes in the geographical distribution of A. cylindrus and A. chrysalis.