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Effect of tridemorph and fenpropimorph on sterol composition in fenugreek
Results indicated that these compounds inhibited the cycloeucalenol-obtusifolioliol-isomerase (COI), in roots as well as in cell suspensions, these inhibitors led to a weak accumulation of Δ8-sterols indicating that Δ8 → Δ7 isomerase was also affected.
Effects of tetcyclacis on growth and on sterol and sapogenin content in fenugreek
Tetcyclacis was shown to be an ineffective inhibitor of the S-adenosyl-l-methionine (Adomet): cycloartenol-C24-methyltransferase (EC 2.1.41) in fenugreek microsomes indicating that cholesterol accumulation does not result from the inhibition of the sterol side chain-alkylating enzyme.
Effect of diniconazole on sterol composition of roots and cell suspension cultures of fenugreek
Results point to the early reduction-methylation bifurcation at the Δ 24 double bond of sterol precursors which are converted with few interconnecting routes to the end-product sterols, i.e. cholesterol or phytosterols.