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Crx, a Novel otx-like Homeobox Gene, Shows Photoreceptor-Specific Expression and Regulates Photoreceptor Differentiation
We have isolated a novel otx-like homeobox gene, Crx, from the mouse retina. Crx expression is restricted to developing and mature photoreceptor cells. CRX bound and transactivated the sequenceExpand
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Comprehensive Classification of Retinal Bipolar Neurons by Single-Cell Transcriptomics
Patterns of gene expression can be used to characterize and classify neuronal types. It is challenging, however, to generate taxonomies that fulfill the essential criteria of being comprehensive,Expand
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Electroporation and RNA interference in the rodent retina in vivo and in vitro
  • T. Matsuda, C. Cepko
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 5 November 2003
The large number of candidate genes made available by comprehensive genome analysis requires that relatively rapid techniques for the study of function be developed. Here, we report a rapid andExpand
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Vertebrate neural cell-fate determination: Lessons from the retina
Postmitotic neurons are produced from a pool of cycling progenitors in an orderly fashion during development. Studies of cell-fate determination in the vertebrate retina have uncovered severalExpand
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Retinopathy and attenuated circadian entrainment in Crx-deficient mice
Crx, an Otx-like homeobox gene, is expressed specifically in the photoreceptors of the retina and the pinealocytes of the pineal gland. Crx has been proposed to have a role in the regulation ofExpand
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rax, Hes1, and notch1 Promote the Formation of Müller Glia by Postnatal Retinal Progenitor Cells
We are interested in the mechanisms of glial cell development in the vertebrate central nervous system. We have identified genes that can direct the formation of glia in the retina. rax, a homeoboxExpand
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Prox1 function controls progenitor cell proliferation and horizontal cell genesis in the mammalian retina
Retinal progenitor cells regulate their proliferation during development so that the correct number of each cell type is made at the appropriate time. We found that the homeodomain protein Prox1Expand
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The transcriptome of retinal Müller glial cells
Müller glial cells are the major type of glia in the mammalian retina. To identify the molecular machinery that defines Müller glial cell identity and function, single cell gene expression profilingExpand
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A common progenitor for neurons and glia persists in rat retina late in development
Retrovirus-mediated gene transfer was used to mark cell lineages in vivo in the postnatal rat retina. Labelled clones contained up to three different cell types: three types of neurons or two typesExpand
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Cell fate determination in the vertebrate retina.
In the vertebrate central nervous system, the retina has been a useful model for studies of cell fate determination. Recent results from studies conducted in vitro and in vivo suggest a model ofExpand
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