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A flavone and an unusual 23-carbon terpenoid from Andrographis paniculata.
Phytochemical investigation of the roots and aerial parts of Andrographis paniculata Nees yielded a new flavone, 5-hydroxy-7,2',6'-trimethoxyflavone and an unusual 23-carbon terpenoid,Expand
A flavanone and a dihydrodibenzoxepin from Bauhinia variegata.
Phytochemical analysis of the root bark of Bauhinia variegata Linn yielded a new flavanone, (2S)-5,7-dimethoxy-3',4'-methylenedioxyflavanone (1) and a new dihydrodibenzoxepin,Expand
New bromoditerpenes from the red alga Sphaerococcus coronopifolius.
The organic extract of the red alga Sphaerococcus coronopifolius, collected along the Atlantic coast of Morocco, was tested for biological activities and exhibited antibiotic and antimalarialExpand
Flavonoids from Andrographis lineata.
Three flavonoids, 5,7,2',3',4'-pentamethoxyflavone (1), 2'-hydroxy-2,4',6'-tri methoxychalcone (2) and dihydroskullcapflavone I (3), together with 17,19,20-trihydroxy-5beta, 8alpha H, 9betaExpand
A new coumestan from Tephrosia calophylla.
A new coumestan, tephcalostan (1) has been isolated from the whole plant of Tephrosia calophylla BEDD. together with two known flavonoids, 7-O-methylglabranin (2) and kaempferolExpand
Two new flavonoids from Andrographis rothii.
Two new flavonoids, 5, 7, 2', 5'-tetramethoxyflavanone (1) and 5-hydroxy-7, 2'-dimethoxyflavone (2), together with two known flavones, skullcapflavone I (3) and echioidin (4) were isolated from theExpand
Two new 5-deoxyflavones from Albizia odoratissima.
Two new 5-deoxyflavones, 7,8-dimethoxy-3',4'-methylenedioxyflavone (1) and 7,2',4'-trimethoxyflavone (2) together with a known flavone, 7,4'-dimethoxy-3'-hydroxyflavone (3) were isolated from theExpand
New 2'-oxygenated flavonoids from Andrographis affinis.
Three new 2'-oxygenated flavonoids, (2S)-5,7,2',3',4'-pentamethoxyflavanone (1), 5-hydroxy-7,8,2',5'-tetramethoxyflavone (2), and echioidinin 2'-O-beta-d-(6' '-O-acetyl) glucopyranoside (3), togetherExpand
Two New Flavonoids from Andrographis macrobotrys
Two new flavonoids, 5,7,8,2'-tetramethoxyflavanone 1 and 2'-hydroxy-2,3,4'-trimethoxychalcone 3, together with three known flavones, 5-hydroxy-7-methoxyflavone 2, 5,2',6'-trihydroxy-7-methoxyflavoneExpand