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Hyperdominance in the Amazonian Tree Flora
Introduction Recent decades have seen a major international effort to inventory tree communities in the Amazon Basin and Guiana Shield (Amazonia), but the vast extent and record diversity of theseExpand
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Variation in aboveground tree live biomass in a central Amazonian Forest: Effects of soil and topography
We used forest inventories, conducted in seventy-two 1-ha permanent plots to assess the variation in tree and palm aboveground live biomass (AGLB), and its relation with soil gradients (texture andExpand
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Our objectives were to develop a method that would be appropriate for long-term ecological studies, but that would permit rapid surveys to evaluate biotic complementarity and land-use planning inExpand
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Persistent effects of pre-Columbian plant domestication on Amazonian forest composition
Past human influences on Amazonian forest The marks of prehistoric human societies on tropical forests can still be detected today. Levis et al. performed a basin-wide comparison of plantExpand
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Steege Hyperdominance in the Amazonian Tree Flora
, (2013); 342 Science et al. Hans ter Steege Hyperdominance in the Amazonian Tree Flora This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. clicking here. colleagues, clients, or customers by ,Expand
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Disentangling the role of edaphic variability, flooding regime and topography of Amazonian white‐sand vegetation
Question: How much variation in plant community structure and composition can be predicted using soil, flooding and topography in white-sand vegetation of northern Amazonia? Location: Brazil,Expand
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Estimating the global conservation status of more than 15,000 Amazonian tree species
Analyses of forest loss and protected areas suggest that 36 to 57% of Amazonian tree flora may qualify as “globally threatened.” Estimates of extinction risk for Amazonian plant and animal speciesExpand
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Species Distribution Modelling: Contrasting presence-only models with plot abundance data
Species distribution models (SDMs) are widely used in ecology and conservation. Presence-only SDMs such as MaxEnt frequently use natural history collections (NHCs) as occurrence data, given theirExpand
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In vitro culture of Cedrela fissilis Vellozo (Meliaceae)
An efficient micropropagation protocol was developed for Cedrela fissilis (Meliaceae) using nodal segments from juvenile origin for axillary shoot proliferation. Shoot proliferation was significantlyExpand
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Vertical distance from drainage drives floristic composition changes in an Amazonian rainforest
Background: Plant composition changes with topography and edaphic gradients that correlate with soil-water and nutrient availability. Data on soil water for the Amazon Basin are scarce, limiting theExpand
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