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A catalogue of the Fanniidae (Diptera) of the Neotropical Region
The Muscidae (Diptera) of the Neotropical Region are catalogued. 843 extant and 3 extinct species in 84 genera are listed together with their synonyms, giving a total of 1209 names. References are
Key to the adults of the most common forensic species of Diptera in South America
A key is presented to the adults of 12 families of Diptera whose species are found on carrion, including human corpses, and drawings of the most important characters for identification are included.
Systematic relations among Philornis Meinert, Passeromyia Rodhain & Villeneuve and allied genera (Diptera, Muscidae).
An overview of the classification of the Muscidae based on cladistic methodology is given and Phylogenetic patterns within Reinwardtinae and Dichaetomyiinae could be explained by a Gondwana distribution.
Detection of areas of endemism on two spatial scales using Parsimony Analysis of Endemicity (PAE): the Neotropical region and the Atlantic Forest
4 Complete article, including its appendix, is available with the corresponding author Abstract: An important biological challenge today is the conservation of biodiversity. Biogeography, the study
Molecular phylogenetics of the Muscidae (Diptera : Calyptratae): new ideas in a congruence context
P phylogenetic relationships among 24 species of muscid flies using 2989 characters derived from sequences of mitochondrial (COI and COII) and nuclear genes (CAD and EF-1α) are analysed using maximum parsimony, maximum likelihood, and Bayesian inference.
Barcoding without DNA? Species identification using near infrared spectroscopy
This work uses near infrared spectroscopy and chemometry to identify nine species of flies in the genus Neodexiopsis Malloch (Muscidae, Diptera), which is the most species-rich of the Muscoidea in the Neotropical region.
Pictorial identification key for species of Sarcophagidae (Diptera) of potential forensic importance in southern Brazil
This contribution presents a pictorial key for the identification of 22 Sarcophaginae species in 10 genera that are commonly found in southern Brazil.
Phylogeny of Philornis Meinert species (Diptera: Muscidae)
This study presents a cladistic analysis of the Neotropical Philornis species based on morphological characters of adults and larvae, as well as biological data on larvae, which shows a basal polytomy that includes the species that traditionally correspond to the “aitkeni-group”.
Historical relationships among areas of endemism in the tropical South America using Brooks Parsimony Analysis (BPA)
Areas of endemism are the smallest units of biogeographical analysis. One of its definitions is that these areas harbor organisms with restricted distributions caused by non random historical
Regarding the taxonomic status of Ophyra Robineau-Desvoidy (Diptera: Muscidae): A molecular approach
The muscid genus Ophyra has long been the subject of debate over its placement within the family. However, a phylogenetic study has never been conducted that would clarify its systematic position. In