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An official ATS/ERS/JRS/ALAT statement: idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: evidence-based guidelines for diagnosis and management.
This document is an international evidence-based guideline on the diagnosis and management of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and is a collaborative effort of the American Thoracic Society, theExpand
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Heterogeneity in Price Stickiness and the Real Effects of Monetary Shocks
There is ample evidence that the frequency of price adjustments differs substantially across sectors. This paper introduces sectoral heterogeneity in price stickiness into an otherwise standardExpand
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Energetics and biomechanics as determining factors of swimming performance: updating the state of the art.
The biophysical determinants related to swimming performance are one of the most attractive topics within swimming science. The aim of this paper was to do an update of the "state of art" about theExpand
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Bayesian Regression Tree Models for Causal Inference: Regularization, Confounding, and Heterogeneous Effects
This paper presents a novel nonlinear regression model for estimating heterogeneous treatment effects from observational data, geared specifically towards situations with small effect sizes, heterogeneous effects, and strong confounding. Expand
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Heterogeneous Price-Setting Behavior and Aggregate Dynamics: Some General Results
We analyze the effects of heterogeneity in price setting behavior in time-dependent sticky price and sticky information models characterized by quite general adjustment hazard functions. In a largeExpand
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Price Setting in a Variable Macroeconomic Environment: Evidence from Brazilian CPI
We study price setting in a variable macroeconomic environment using a unique data set from the Brazilian CPI index of Fundação Getulio Vargas. Our primary data consist of a panel of individualExpand
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What Explains Japan's Persistent Deflation?
While the asset price collapse of the late 80s in Japan might explain the disinflationary pressures that followed, it is hard to attribute the persistent deflation that the country has faced sinceExpand
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ARCO: An Artificial Counterfactual Approach for High-Dimensional Panel Time-Series Data
We consider a new, flexible and easy-to-implement method to estimate thecausal effects of an intervention on a single treated unit when a control group is not available and which nests previousExpand
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Vascularization and biocompatibility of scaffolds consisting of different calcium phosphate compounds.
Scaffolds for tissue engineering of bone should mimic bone matrix and promote vascular ingrowth. Whether synthetic hydroxyapatite and acellular dentin, both materials composed from calcium phosphate,Expand
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6.2 A 60Gb/s PAM-4 ADC-DSP Transceiver in 7nm CMOS with SNR-Based Adaptive Power Scaling Achieving 6.9pJ/b at 32dB Loss
An ADC-DSP-based SerDes transceiver with a 2-tap DFE is capable of operating error-free over a 38dB link yet having an overall power budget similar to AMS. Expand
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