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Struggling over meanings: Discourses on the EU’s international presence
The first section of this article arranges the four theoretical approaches and methods presented in the special issues – namely interpretative constructivism, post-structuralism, discursiveExpand
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EU Foreign Policy through the Lens of Discourse Analysis: Making Sense of Diversity
Introduction : EU's foreign policy through the lenses of discourse analysis / Caterina Carta and Jean-Frederic Morin -- Speaking Europe, drawing boundaries : reflections on the role of discourse inExpand
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The EEAS and EU Executive Actors within the Foreign Policy-Cycle
The Treaty of Lisbon provoked a massive reorganization in the field of external relations at the executive and administrative level. Instead of simplifying the institutional structure, this overallExpand
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The COREU Network and the Circulation of Information Within EU Foreign Policy 1
Abstract The COREU network is a little-studied but vitally important instrument of EU foreign policy, which in 2010 distributed nearly 8,500 messages on EU foreign policy to the 27 member states, theExpand
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Measuring Russia's snag on the fabric of the eu's international society: The Impact of the East-West cleavage upon the cohesion amongst the EU Member states vis-à-vis Russia
This article explores Russia’s impact upon the cohesion of the European Union International Society (EUIS). The analysis proceeds from a systematic categorisation of Member States’ positions towardsExpand
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The swinging 'we': framing the European Union international discourse
This contribution focuses on the implications of the institutional reform advanced by the Lisbon Treaty for the framing of discourses of European institutional actors. The article adopts a focusedExpand
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The European Union Diplomatic Service: Ideas, Preferences and Identities
Introduction: The Puzzle of Non-State Diplomatic Representation Part 1: Conceptualizing the EU Diplomatic System 1. The Diplomatic System of a Non-State Actor 2. The Commission: At the Heart of theExpand
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Making sense of the future
The EU’s diplomatic machinery
  • C. Carta
  • Political Science
  • 19 November 2012
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