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Northern and southern Italian social cooperatives during the economic crisis: a multiple factor analysis
A multiple factor analysis is developed to assess the differences in the economic performance and employment levels of social cooperatives in three main geographical areas: North, Central and SouthExpand
Europe in Transition: The Role of Social Cooperatives and Social Enterprises
The European social model has always been characterized by the active role played in the production of goods and services by a variety of organizations that differ both from private corporations andExpand
The impact of the economic crisis on Italian cooperatives in the industrial sector
The economic crisis has brought about renewed interest in co-operatives, not only among academics but also among members of society in general. Co-operatives are viewed as an alternative to theExpand
The Italian Social Cooperatives in 2008: A Portrait Using Descriptive and Principal Component Analysis
This paper describes the role of social cooperatives in Italy as a type of economic, nonprofit organization that is assuming an increasingly central role in the country, by contributing to itsExpand
Exploring the efficiency of Italian social cooperatives by descriptive and principal component analysis
Over the last decade, independent agencies, institutions and research centres (ISTAT—National Statistic Office, Ministry of Economic Development, Confcooperative Legacoop, Unioncamere) have providedExpand
"Disease knowledge index" and perspectives on reproductive issues: A nationwide study on 398 women with autoimmune rheumatic diseases.
Italian women of childbearing age affected by rheumatic diseases reported several unmet needs in their knowledge about reproductive issues and having received counselling was associated with higher DKI values and with a positive impact on family planning. Expand
Validity of ultrasonography for postoperative monitoring in pediatric urology.
Ultrasound evaluations performed within a short period and the greater significance attributed to more specific parameters, such as grade of dilatation of the infundibula and ureters, make ultrasound a valid means of monitoring urological cases postoperatively. Expand
FRI0373 Long-term follow-up of 320 children born to mothers with systemic autoimmune diseases: a multicentre italian survey from 24 rheumatology centres
In this long-term follow-up of children born to mothers with RD in this large, multicenter study of randomly interviewed women each AIID did not display a significantly increased frequency as compared to the literature; only coeliac showed a mild increased frequency. Expand
THU0611 Long-term follow-up of 269 children born to mothers with systemic autoimmune diseases: a national survey from 24 rheumatology centers
The long-term follow-up of children born to women with RD is reassuring of an outcome similar to that of the general pediatric population (GPP), but no particular pattern of exposure to maternal autoantibodies nor drugs was observed. Expand
Social enterprises and their ecosystems in Europe – Comparative synthesis report
"The understanding of the current size, scope and state of social enterprises in Europe lags behind their proliferation and the rising interest they generate among policymakers, researchers andExpand