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Construction of a genetic toggle switch in Escherichia coli
The construction of a genetic toggle switch is presented—a synthetic, bistable gene-regulatory network—in Escherichia coli and a simple theory is provided that predicts the conditions necessary for bistability. Expand
The ENCODE (ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements) Project
The ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements (ENCODE) Project is organized as an international consortium of computational and laboratory-based scientists working to develop and apply high-throughput approaches for detecting all sequence elements that confer biological function. Expand
Separation of yeast chromosome-sized DNAs by pulsed field gradient gel electrophoresis
This pulsed field gradient gel electrophoresis fractionates intact S. cerevisiae chromosomal DNA, producing a molecular karyotype that greatly facilitates the assignment of genes to yeast chromosomes. Expand
Noise in eukaryotic gene expression
It is shown that stochasticity (noise) arising from transcription contributes significantly to the level of heterogeneity within a eukaryotic clonal population, in contrast to observations in prokaryotes, and that such noise can be modulated at the translational level. Expand
Biophysical chemistry. Part III, The behavior of biologicalmacromolecules
That system is specific in publications sharing across various users and nations, and e-book Biophysical Chemistry Part Iii The Behavior Of Biological Macromolecules Their Biophysical Chemistry Pt 3Expand
Quantitative high-throughput analysis of DNA methylation patterns by base-specific cleavage and mass spectrometry.
A previously uncharacterized method for high-throughput DNA methylation analysis that utilizes MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry (MS) analysis of base-specifically cleaved amplification products is presented and it is demonstrated that the quantitative methylation results allow accurate classification of samples according to their histopathology. Expand
Phenotypic consequences of promoter-mediated transcriptional noise.
It is shown that increased variability in gene expression, affected by the sequence of the TATA box, can be beneficial after an acute change in environmental conditions. Expand
Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of fetal chromosomal aneuploidy by massively parallel genomic sequencing of DNA in maternal plasma
  • R. Chiu, K. C. Chan, +11 authors Y. Lo
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 23 December 2008
Massively parallel plasma DNA sequencing represents a new approach that is potentially applicable to all pregnancies for the noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of fetal chromosomal aneuploidies. Expand
Bacterial charity work leads to population-wide resistance
This work establishes a population-based resistance mechanism constituting a form of kin selection whereby a small number of resistant mutants can, at some cost to themselves, provide protection to other, more vulnerable, cells, enhancing the survival capacity of the overall population in stressful environments. Expand