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An overview of the performance and scientific results from the Chandra X-ray Observatory (CXO)
ABSTRACT The Chandra X‐Ray Observatory (CXO), the X‐ray component of NASA’s Great Observatories, was launched on 1999 July 23 by the space shuttle Columbia. After satellite systems activation, the
Evidence for Accretion: High-Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopy of the Classical T Tauri Star TW Hydrae
We present high-resolution X-ray spectra of the X-ray-bright classical T Tauri star, TW Hydrae, covering the wavelength range of 1.5-25 A. The differential emission measure derived from fluxes of
The Chandra High Energy Transmission Grating: Design, Fabrication, Ground Calibration and Five Years in Flight
United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. George C. Marshall Space Flight Center (Contract NAS8-38249)
Initial Results From The Chandra High Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer
The High Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer (HETGS) on the Chandra Xray Observatory provides spectral resolving powers of 200-1000 over the range 0.4-8.0 keV (1.5-30 A ) with e ective area of
Discovery of a Luminous, Variable, Off-Center Source in the Nucleus of M82 with the Chandra High-Resolution Camera
We present results from observations of the most famous starburst galaxy M82 with the High-Resolution Camera on board the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. We found nine sources in the central 1' × 1'
The High-Resolution X-Ray Spectrum of SS 433 Using the Chandra HETGS
We present observations of SS 433 using the Chandra High Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer. Many emission lines of highly ionized elements are detected with relativistic blue and red Doppler
The Evolution of Structure in X-ray Clusters of Galaxies
Using Chandra archival data, we quantify the evolution of cluster morphology with redshift. Clusters form and grow through mergers with other clusters and groups, and the amount of substructure in
X-Ray Spectroscopy of II Pegasi: Coronal Temperature Structure, Abundances, and Variability
We have obtained high-resolution X-ray spectra of the coronally active binary II Pegasi (HD 224085), covering the wavelength range of 1.5-25 A. For the first half of our 44 ks observation, the source
A High-Resolution X-Ray Image of the Jet in M87
We present the first high-resolution X-ray image of the jet in M87 using the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. There is clear structure in the jet and almost all of the optically bright knots are detected