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A Neuroscientific Review of Imagery and Observation Use in Sport
Imagery and observation are multicomponential, involving individual difference characteristics that modify the processes. The authors propose that both imagery and observation function by offeringExpand
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Duration of physical and mental execution of gymnastic routines.
In this experiment, differences in the temporal organization of routines in artistic gymnastics executed under mental and physical conditions were examined. Twelve elite female gymnasts performedExpand
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Chronometric Comparison of Actual and Imaged Complex Movement Patterns
The authors' aim in this study was to consider the functional equivalence of internal imagery, external imagery, and action execution. Sixteen elite gymnasts imaged and performed a complex gymnasticExpand
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Effects of an Imagery Training Program on Selective Attention of National Softball Players
This study examined the effectiveness of an imagery training program in improving national softball players’ selective attention. A multiple-baseline design across individuals was used. There wereExpand
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Observation of elite gymnastic performance: Processes and perceived functions of observation
Objectives: The purpose of the study was firstly to examine the nature of the information individuals extract from observations of their own performance and the reasons they give for choosing thisExpand
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Effects of a season‐long PST program on gymnastic performance and on psychological skill development
Abstract Findings are reported of an evaluation of the effects of a 10‐month PST program on performance and psychological indicators. Ten nationally ranked female gymnasts (M = 12 years old) followedExpand
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The Development of Movement Imagery Vividness through a Structured Intervention in Softball
The purpose of the present study was to examine the effect of a structured imagery interven­tion on self-reported vividness of movement imagery in four female national softball players. AExpand
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Competitive strategies among elite female gymnasts: An exploration of the relative influence of psychological skills training and natural learning experiences
Abstract The purposes of this qualitative study were, (a) to compare the competitive strategies developed by national and international female gymnasts through natural learning experiences, (b) toExpand
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Variability of EEG synchronization prior to and during observation and execution of a sequential finger movement
The aim of this study was to test the validity of mirror neuron activity in humans through analysis of electroencephalographic (EEG) functional connectivity during an action not directed towards anExpand
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Non-linear EEG synchronization during observation and execution of simple and complex sequential finger movements
The main aim of this study was to examine the temporal aspects of neuronal changes during the observation and execution of simple and complex tasks to gain a greater understanding of the mirrorExpand
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