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Estimation of Leaf, Root, and Sap Nitrogen Status using the SPAD‐502 Chlorophyll Meter for Ornamental Shrubs
Abstract The SPAD‐502 chlorophyll meter was evaluated as a rapid tool to predict plant nitrogen (N) concentration. The SPAD‐502 index utility, as a comparative tool with respect to N nutritionalExpand
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Effects of boron on nitrogen metabolism and sugar levels of sugar beet
SummaryThe effects of deficient and toxic levels of boron on various aspects of nitrogen metabolism in sugar beet are studied. Plant analysis shows a nitrate ion accumulation, a decrease in theExpand
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Incidence of the potassium/calcium plus magnesium ratio on the conifer fertigation for peat substrates
Abstract The methodology given in this paper is designed to improve the cation nutrition of Cupressus glabra (Sudworth Little) growing on peat substrates for ornamental purposes. The methodologyExpand
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Influence of phosphorus supply on tomato plant nutrition
Abstract Four nutrient solutions with different P‐levels (0.2; 0.5; 2.0 and 4.0 mmol P/l) were studied in order to optimize P nutrition of the tomato plant. A N/P ratio decrease in sap and the leafExpand
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Pre-plant slow-release fertilization of strawberry plants before fertigation
The advantages of pre-plant fertilization were studied by using a slow-release fertilizer (nitrophoska permanent) with strawberry plants (Fragaria ananassa, cv Chandler) before fertigation. A sandyExpand
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Determinaciones analíticas en suelos. Normalización de métodos. (I) pH, materia orgánica y nitrogeno
21 paginas, 8 tablas.-- Los autores forman "La Comision de Metodos Analiticos del Instituto Nacional de Edafologia y Agrobiologia Jose M.a Albareda.
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Nitrogen Fertilization Using Hydroponic Cultures to Fertigate Ornamental Shrubs
ABSTRACT The total nitrogen (N) concentration and nitrate/ammonium ratio (NO3 −/NH4 +) in nutrient solutions were optimized in sand cultures and in 15N experiments for laurustinus (Viburnum tinus),Expand
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