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Learning and the Disappearing Association Between Governance and Returns
In an important and influential work, Gompers, Ishii, and Metrick (2003) show that a trading strategy based on an index of 24 governance provisions (G-Index) would have earned abnormal returns duringExpand
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Effective rocker shapes used by able-bodied persons for walking and fore-aft swaying: implications for design of ankle-foot prostheses.
The use of rocker models to understand functional tasks of the human lower limb is attractive because of their simplicity. Expand
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Measurement Errors of Expected-Return Proxies and the Implied Cost of Capital
Despite their popularity as proxies of expected returns, the implied cost of capital's (ICC) measurement error properties are relatively unknown. Through an in-depth analysis of a popularExpand
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Response of able-bodied persons to changes in shoe rocker radius during walking: changes in ankle kinematics to maintain a consistent roll-over shape.
Recent studies have determined a seemingly consistent feature of able-bodied level ground walking, termed the roll-over shape, which is the effective rocker (cam) shape that the lower limb systemExpand
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Effect of rocker shoe radius on oxygen consumption rate in young able-bodied persons.
We studied oxygen consumption rate of eleven young able-bodied persons walking at self-selected speed with five different pairs of shoes: one regular pair without rocker soles (REG) and four pairsExpand
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Staggered Boards and the Wealth of Shareholders: Evidence from Two Natural Experiments
While staggered boards have been documented to be negatively correlated with firm valuation, such association might be due to staggered boards either bringing about lower firm value or merelyExpand
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Light-quark and gluon jet discrimination in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector
A likelihood-based discriminant for the identification of quarkand gluon-initiated jets is built and validated using 4.7 fb−1 of proton–proton collision data at √ s = 7 TeV collected with the ATLASExpand
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Expected Stock Returns Worldwide: A Log-Linear Present-Value Approach
This is the first large-scale study of the performance of expected-return proxies (ERPs) internationally. Analyst-forecast-based ICCs are commonly used to study how policies affect expected returnsExpand
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Can Staggered Boards Improve Value? Evidence from the Massachusetts Natural Experiment
We study the effect of staggered boards on long-run firm value, using a natural experiment: a 1990 law that imposed a staggered board on all firms incorporated in Massachusetts. We find a significantExpand
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