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Tufted puffin reproduction reveals ocean climate variability
Anomalously warm sea-surface temperatures (SSTs) are associated with interannual and decadal variability as well as with long-term climate changes indicative of global warming. Such oscillationsExpand
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Effects of road networks on bird populations.
One potential contributor to the worldwide decline of bird populations is the increasing prevalence of roads, which have several negative effects on birds and other vertebrates. We synthesized theExpand
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Fine-scale movement decisions of tropical forest birds in a fragmented landscape.
The persistence of forest-dependent species in fragmented landscapes is fundamentally linked to the movement of individuals among subpopulations. The paths taken by dispersing individuals can beExpand
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Poor health is associated with use of anthropogenic resources in an urban carnivore
Rates of encounters between humans and wildlife are increasing in cities around the world, especially when wildlife overlap with people in time, space and resources. Coyotes (Canis latrans) can makeExpand
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Research Priorities from Animal Behaviour for Maximising Conservation Progress.
Poor communication between academic researchers and wildlife managers limits conservation progress and innovation. As a result, input from overlapping fields, such as animal behaviour, is underusedExpand
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Physiology, Behavior, and Conservation*
Many animal populations are in decline as a result of human activity. Conservation practitioners are attempting to prevent further declines and loss of biodiversity as well as to facilitate recoveryExpand
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Seasonal and individual variation in the use of rail-associated food attractants by grizzly bears (Ursus arctos) in a national park
Similar to vehicles on roadways, trains frequently kill wildlife via collisions along railways. Despite the prevalence of this mortality worldwide, little is known about the relative importance ofExpand
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Incubation behavior, brood patch formation and obligate brood reduction in Fiordland crested penguins
SummaryThe first-laid eggs of Eudyptes penguins are much smaller than second eggs, generally hatch later, and experience greater mortality, features that characterize a brood reduction system unlikeExpand
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Dead Ducks and Dirty Oil: Media Representations and Environmental Solutions
In April 2008, more than 1,600 migrating ducks died after landing on a toxic tailings pond in the Oil Sands region of northeastern Alberta. The responsible company was found guilty and paid theExpand
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Anthropogenic noise decreases urban songbird diversity and may contribute to homogenization.
More humans reside in urban areas than at any other time in history. Protected urban green spaces and transportation greenbelts support many species, but diversity in these areas is generally lowerExpand
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