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The circulating red cell volume and body hematocrit in normal pregnancy and the puerperium by direct measurement using radioactive red cells.
Dieckmann and Wegner,l Thomson, 2 McLennan and Thouin and Caton, Roby and associates,4 have all measured and reported plasma, whole blood, and red cell volumes during pregnancy. The studies reviewedExpand
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Plasma volume and extravascular fluid volume during pregnancy and the puerperium.
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Coagulation defects with intrauterine death from Rh isosensitization.
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Coagulation defects associated with premature separation of the normally implanted placenta.
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Intravascular clotting and afibrinogenemia, the presumptive lethal factors in the syndrome of amniotic fluid embolism.
I N 1941, Steiner and Lushbaugh’ described the syndrome of amniotic fluid embolism which they considered the major cause of maternal death during labor. The chief clinical signs were dyspnea andExpand
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Incoagulable blood in severe premature separation of the placenta: a method of management.
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An immunologic characteristic of the serum of normal pregnancy.
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