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An electrophoretic study of maternal, fetal, and infant sera.
Abstract Serum albumin and gamma-globulin increase rapidly during the development of the human fetus, whereas the alpha- and beta-globulins remain at a low level. The alpha- and beta- globulins riseExpand
Time of ovulation.
18 patients awaiting gynecological surgery at the Sloane Hospital fo r Women pretested for regular temperature charts for their menstrual cy cle were studied to determine the correlation betweenExpand
Hormonal factors involved in the regulation of basal body temperature during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.
THE biphasic aspect of the basal body temperature during the normal menstrual cycle is now a well-established fact. The temperature rise of three-fifths to one degree Fahrenheit which occurs at orExpand
Menstrual disorders due to hormonal abnormalities; diagnosis and treatment.
  • C. Buxton
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  • The Medical clinics of North America
  • 1 May 1952
Spermicidal bacteria in the cervix as a cause of sterility.
Effect of thyroid therapy on menstrual disorders and sterility.
Thyroid therapy in the euthyroid obstetric and gynecologic patient has been a subject of controversy for many years. On the one hand, it has been the "clinical impression" of gynecologists thatExpand
Wedge resection for polycystic ovaries; a critical analysis of 40 operations.
IN 1935 Stein and Leventhal1 reported 7 cases of amenorrhea associated with polycystic ovaries. In addition 4 of their patients complained of hirsutism, and 3 were obese. After wedge resection of theExpand