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Walking in Facebook: A Case Study of Unbiased Sampling of OSNs
In this paper, we obtained for the first time representative (unbiased) samples of Facebook users by crawling its social graph. Expand
ergm: A Package to Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Networks.
We describe some of the capabilities of the ergm package for modeling networks based on exponential-family random graph models and the statistical theory underlying it. Expand
4. A Relational Event Framework for Social Action
We introduce a highly flexible framework for modeling actions within social settings, which permits likelihood-based inference for behavioral mechanisms with complex dependence. Expand
Social Network Analysis with sna
We provide an overview of a software package which provides support for a range of network analytic functionality within the R statistical computing environment. Expand
Social network analysis: A methodological introduction
Social network analysis is a large and growing body of research on the measurement and analysis of relational structure. Here, we review the fundamental concepts of network analysis, as well as aExpand
Practical Recommendations on Crawling Online Social Networks
In this paper, we developed a framework for unbiased sampling of users in an online social network by crawling the social graph by crawling its social graph. Expand
network: A Package for Managing Relational Data in R
The network package provides an class which may be used for encoding complex relational structures composed a vertex set together with any combination of undirected/directed, valued/unvalued, dyadic/hyper, and single/multiple edges. Expand
statnet: Software Tools for the Representation, Visualization, Analysis and Simulation of Network Data.
statnet is a suite of software packages for statistical network analysis. Expand
Warning tweets: serial transmission of messages during the warning phase of a disaster event
Serial transmission – the passing on of information from one source to another – is a phenomenon of central interest in the study of informal communication in emergency settings. MicrobloggingExpand
A statnet Tutorial.
The statnet suite of R packages contains a wide range of functionality for the statistical analysis of social networks, including the implementation of exponential-family random graph models. Expand