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Thermal State of Permafrost in North America: A Contribution to the International Polar Year
A snapshot of the thermal state of permafrost in northern North America during the International Polar Year (IPY) was developed using ground temperature data collected from 350 boreholes. More thanExpand
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The environment and permafrost of the Mackenzie Delta area
The Mackenzie Delta, prograding northwestwards into the Beaufort Sea, is North America's largest arctic delta. This Holocene feature is bounded by rolling uplands to the east and the RichardsonExpand
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Cryostratigraphy, paleogeography, and climate change during the early Holocene warm interval, western Arctic coast, Canada
Botanical and cryostratigraphic records from northwest Canada indicate that the climate of the early Holocene was considerably warmer than today: tree line was over 100 km farther north; and a thaw...
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The influence of thermokarst disturbance on the water quality of small upland lakes, Mackenzie Delta region, Northwest Territories, Canada
Chemical data are presented for water from 22 lakes in small upland catchments (< 20 ha) between Inuvik and Richards Island, Northwest Territories, Canada. Eleven of the basins appear pristine and 11Expand
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Tundra lakes and permafrost, Richards Island, western Arctic coast, Canada
Lakes, of average size 33–ha, occupy a quarter of the surface area of Richards Island, Northwest Territories. Most of the lakes have a central pool deeper than the thickness of winter ice, and manyExpand
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Permafrost and climate change at Herschel Island (Qikiqtaruq), Yukon Territory, Canada
[1] Herschel Island, in the southern Beaufort Sea, is dominantly a glacier ice thrust feature composed of ice-rich, perennially frozen sediments. Climate data are available for Herschel Island fromExpand
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The response (1958-1997) of permafrost and near-surface ground temperatures to forest fire, Takhini River valley, southern Yukon Territory
Forest fires in permafrost areas often modify ground surface conditions, causing deepening of the active layer and thawing of near-surface permafrost. Takhini River valley lies in the discontinuousExpand
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Ground ice and soluble cations in near‐surface permafrost, Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada
The distribution of segregated ice and soluble ions in near-surface permafrost were investigated in hummocky terrain near Inuvik, Northwest Territories. Soil water content profiles from analyses ofExpand
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The first 20 years (1978-1979 to 1998–1999) of ice-wedge growth at the Illisarvik experimental drained lake site, western Arctic coast, Canada
In August 1978, a large tundra lake was drained to study the aggradation of permafrost into newly exposed lake-bottom sediments. Ice-wedge growth, which started in the first winter followingExpand
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Observations of the "Thermal Offset" in Near-Surface Mean Annual Ground Temperatures at Several Sites near Mayo, Yukon Territory, Canada
Temperature profiles in the surface layers of the ground were measured frequently over a 12-month period beginning in May 1984 at seven sites near Mayo, Yukon Territory. Permafrost is present at sixExpand
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