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Exact anhydride epoxy percentages for electron microscopy embedding (Rpon).
The versatility and flexibility of epoxy resins as embedding materials in electron microscopy are dependent upon handling and appropriate combinations of anhydrides and resin. These determine theExpand
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Light and electron microscopy of the leucocytes of Crassostrea virginica (Mollusca: Pelecypoda)
SummaryThe fine structure of oyster leucocytes resembles to a great extent, that of typical eucaryotic cells. Organelles which have been described for the first time in this report are lightExpand
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Duck viral enteritis: microtiter plate isolation and neutralization test using the duck embryo fibroblast cell line.
SUMMARY The duck embryo fibroblast cell line CCL-141 was found to be visibly susceptible to the agent of duck viral enteritis. Homogenates of tissues from victims of an epizootic were used in aExpand
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Fine structure of an unidentified protozoon in the epithelium of rainbow trout exposed to water with Myxosoma cerebralis.
An intracellular protozoon was discovered in the epithelium of young rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri) exposed for as short a time as 1 hr to water known to contain infective stages of MyxosomaExpand
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Marble spleen disease in ring-necked pheasants: histology and ultrastructure.
Marble spleen disease in pen-raised ring-necked pheasants runs a peracute course, with death occurring from pulmonary edema. The diagnosis can be made from the gross and microscopic lesions. LargeExpand
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Morphogenesis of marek's disease virus in feather follicle epithelium.
Three evaluative systems, immunodiffusion, fluorescent antibody (FA), and electron microscopy (EM), were used to follow the morphogenesis of Marek's disease virus in inoculated chickens. Of theExpand
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Duck viral enteritis: a comparison of replication by CCL-141 and primary cultures of duck embryo fibroblasts.
Cultures of primary cells and a line of fibroblast-like cells from the Pekin duck were both compared for their replication of the herpesvirus of duck viral enteritis. The two kinds of cells wereExpand
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Exact anhydride: epoxy percentages for araldite and araldite-epon embedding.
Calculations that take into account weight per epoxy (WPE) values of resins allow production of embedding blocks with consistent cutting qualities, whether the epoxy resins are used singly or inExpand
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Avian adeno-like viruses--characterization and comparison of seven isolates.
During routine tests in our laboratory, unexpected serologic relationships were found among several avian viruses. These isolates theoretically represented chicken embryo lethal orphan (CELO),Expand
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Nickel deprivation in chicks.
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