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Giddens' Theory of Structuration: A Critical Appreciation
Introduction - coming to terms with Anthony Giddens, Christopher G.A. Bryant and David Jary the California-Massachusetts strain in structuration theory, Alan Sica power-knowledge and social theory -Expand
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The Contemporary Giddens: Social Theory in a Globalizing Age
List of Tables and Figures Acknowledgements Notes on the Contributors PART I: INTRODUCTION Anthony Giddens: A Global Social Theorist C.Bryant & D.Jary PART II: THE USES OF GIDDENS' STRUCTURATIONExpand
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George Soros's theory of reflexivity: a comparison with the theories of Giddens and Beck and a consideration of its practical value
George Soros has won recognition as one of the most successful financial speculators of all time and one of the most munificent philanthropists in the world today. He claims that his success isExpand
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Europe and the European Community 1992
Completion of the European Community's single internal market by 31 December 1992 is intended to secure the free movement of goods, services, capital and labour within the Community. This articleExpand
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Practical Sociology: Post-empiricism and the Reconstruction of Theory and Application
Preface. 1. Introduction: Theory, Metatheory and Discourse. 2. Concept Formation: Contest and Reconstruction. 3. The Constitution of Society: Agency and Structure. 4. Values in Social Science:Expand
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What has sociology achieved
Preface and Acknowledgements - Notes on the Contributors - Introduction C.G.A.Bryant & H.A.Becker - Achievement in the Analytical Tradition in Sociology H.A.Becker - From Cognotive Style toExpand
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These Englands, or where does devolution leave the English?*
Devolution to Scotland and Wales has not yet led to popular demand for a new constitutional settlement for England, but it has led to renewed debate about who the English are. One reason why theExpand
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