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Characteristics of vegetable oils for use as fuel in stationary diesel engines-Towards specifications for a standard in West Africa
West African countries are increasingly interested in producing straight vegetable oil (SVO) for direct use as fuel in diesel engines for stationary applications in the fields of agriculture, powerExpand
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Use of bioethanol for biodiesel production
Abstract Faced with the energy crisis and environmental degradation, due to the massive use of fossil energy sources, biodiesel is an attractive alternative to diesel fuel. With a view to developingExpand
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Are plant lipases a promising alternative to catalyze transesterification for biodiesel production
Abstract Interest in the production of biodiesel—a clean renewable fuel—is increasing worldwide. Industrial-scale processes currently being developed use homogenous and heterogeneous chemicalExpand
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Volatile composition and sensory properties of Vanilla × tahitensis bring new insights for vanilla quality control.
BACKGROUND Vanilla × tahitensis produced in French Polynesia has a unique flavour among vanilla species. However, data on volatiles and sensory properties remain limited. In this study, the volatileExpand
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Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Euterpe oleracea Roots and Leaflets
Euterpe oleracea (açaí) is a palm tree well known for the high antioxidant activity of its berries used as dietary supplements. Little is known about the biological activity and the composition ofExpand
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Optimization of a DNA Nicking Assay to Evaluate Oenocarpus bataua and Camellia sinensis Antioxidant Capacity
This study was aimed at assessing the DNA damage protective activity of different types of extracts (aqueous, methanolic and acetonic) using an in vitro DNA nicking assay. Several parameters wereExpand
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Assessing the Enzyme Activity of Different Plant Extracts of Biomasses from Sub-Saharan Africa for Ethyl Biodiesel Production
This work focused on identifying plant biomasses as potential sources of lipases and their use as biocatalysts for ethyl biodiesel production. To that end, plant extracts prepared from dormant andExpand
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Evaluation of Chemical Variability of Cured Vanilla Beans (Vanilla tahitensis and Vanilla planifolia)
In order to establish a chemical fingerprint of vanilla diversity, thirty samples of V. planifolia J. W. Moore and V. tahitensis G. Jackson cured beans from seven producing countries were examinedExpand
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Oenocarpus bacaba and Oenocarpus bataua Leaflets and Roots: A New Source of Antioxidant Compounds
Native palm trees fruit from the Amazonian rainforest, Oenocarpus bacaba and Oenocarpus bataua, are very often used in the diet of local communities, but the biological activities of their roots andExpand
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Contribution à la caractéristique phytochimique sensorielle de la vanille de Tahiti
Le vanillier de Tahiti (Vanilla tahitensis) a ete introduit en Polynesie francaise au XIXe siecle. La culture et le mode de preparation specifiques conduisent a un produit unique sur le marcheExpand