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Rapid determination of leaf area and plant height by using light curtain arrays in four species with contrasting shoot architecture
BackgroundLight curtain arrays (LC), a recently introduced phenotyping method, yield a binary data matrix from which a shoot silhouette is reconstructed. We addressed the accuracy and applicabilityExpand
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Vision-based detection of non-cooperative UAVs using frame differencing and temporal filter
We introduce a lightweight and fast algorithm for automatic detection and tracking of small moving objects from a moving camera, which is robust against different combinations of movement of the intruder and different type of backgrounds. Expand
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Rapid seedling establishment and a narrow root stele promotes waterlogging tolerance in spring wheat.
Improving the waterlogging tolerance of wheat varieties could alleviate yield constraints caused by excessive rain and poor soil drainage. In this study, we investigated root and shoot growth as wellExpand
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Fast High Resolution Volume Carving for 3D Plant Shoot Reconstruction
We present a computationally efficient algorithm for volume carving, allowing fast and accurate visual hull computation on standard PC hardware with relatively low memory and CPU requirements. Expand
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Plant Screen Mobile: an open-source mobile device app for plant trait analysis
We show that a smartphone together with our analysis tool Plant Screen Mobile is a suitable platform for rapid quantification of leaf and shoot development of various plant architectures. Expand
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GrowScreen-PaGe, a non-invasive, high-throughput phenotyping system based on germination paper to quantify crop phenotypic diversity and plasticity of root traits under varying nutrient supply.
New techniques and approaches have been developed for root phenotyping recently; however, rapid and repeatable non-invasive root phenotyping remains challenging. Here, we present GrowScreen-PaGe, aExpand
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Evaluating potential of green alga Chlorella vulgaris to accumulate phosphorus and to fertilize nutrient-poor soil substrates for crop plants
Algae are capable of accumulating nutrients from aqueous waste, which makes them a potential fertilizer. The ability of the fast growing Chlorella vulgaris strain IPPAS C1 to accumulate phosphorusExpand
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Does slow and steady win the race? Root growth dynamics of Arabidopsis halleri ecotypes in soils with varying trace metal element contamination
Abstract Hyperaccumulating plants possess complex traits, allowing them to thrive in soils with high concentrations of trace metal elements (TME). Accordingly, their TME hypertolerance andExpand
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