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Kleingrass (Panicum coloratum L.) Poisoning in Sheep
Twenty-four lambs grazing pastures of Panicum coloratum developed photosensitization secondary to hepatic dysfunction. Lesions were necrosis of scattered hepatocytes, obstruction of small bile ductsExpand
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Entomophthora Coronata, the Etiologic Agent of a Phycomycosis of Horses
Mycologists are generally acquainted with species of Entomophthora as parasites of insects. In a separate paper (1) we are reporting four cases of a chronic granulomatous disease of the nasal mucosaExpand
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Considerations of copper metabolism in osteochondrosis of suckling foals.
Of 8 Thoroughbred foals in which osteochondrosis developed before weaning, 7 had serum copper and ceruloplasmin concentrations below normal. Three foals on one farm had serum zinc content high enoughExpand
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Phycomycosis of horses caused by Entomophthora coronata.
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Isolation of a steroidal sapogenin from the bile of a sheep fed Agave lecheguilla.
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Myodegeneration in cattle grazing Cassia species.
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Experimentally induced cartilaginous fractures (osteochondritis dissecans) in foals fed low-copper diets.
Four Thoroughbred foals were weaned from their dams when they were 1 day old and were fed a liquid milk-replacer diet containing approximately 1.7 micrograms of copper/g from plastic buckets for 4 toExpand
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Isolation of a mycotoxin (roridin A) from Phomopsis spp.
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A collagenous tissue dysplasia of calves.
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The effects of chronic carbaryl administration on the neuromuscular system of swine.
Abstract Two pigs from a litter of 13-week-old specific pathogen-free pigs were fed a ration containing the cholinesterase-inhibiting insecticide carbaryl (Sevin®) (1-naphthyl- N -methyl carbamate),Expand
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