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Systematic revision of the neotropical ant genus Megalomyrmex Forel (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Myrmicinae), with the description of thirteen new species
This revision includes comparative morphological analysis, biological data from various sources and a consideration of geographical distributions. The genus is considered to be a natural group,Expand
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Revision of the Neotropical ant subfamily Leptanilloidinae
Abstract. The rare Neotropical ant subfamily Leptanilloidinae is revised and its internal phylogeny and biogeography discussed. A new genus, Asphinctanilloides gen.n., including three new species, A.Expand
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Morphological patterns and community organization in leaf-litter ant assemblages
We present a new approach to determine the number and composition of guilds, using the hyperdiverse leaf-litter ant fauna as a model, based on appropriate morphological variables and speciesExpand
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Nests, worker population, and reproductive status of workers, in the giant queenless ponerine ant Dinoponera Roger (Hymenoptera Formicidae)
We present data on nest architecture, associated fauna, items found in the refuse chambers, populations and other field observations for three Dinoponera species (D. australis, D. lucida, and D.Expand
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Further revisionary studies on the ant genus Megalomyrmex Forel (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Myrmicinae: Solenopsidini)
I hereby revise, for the second time, the primarily Neotropical solenopsidine ant genus Megalomyrmex, describing M. wettereri n. sp., of the Silvestrii group, based on workers and gynes. MegalomyrmexExpand
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Revision of the fungus-growing ant genera Mycetophylax Emery and Paramycetophylax Kusnezov rev. stat., and description of Kalathomyrmex n. gen. (Formicidae: Myrmicinae: Attini)
Based on the morphology of workers, gynes and males, we revise the taxonomy of nominal taxa traditionally included by authors in the fungus-growing ant genus Mycetophylax. Our results indicate thatExpand
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A revision of the Neotropical Solenopsidini ant genus Oxyepoecus Santschi, 1926 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Myrmicinae). 1. The Vezenyii species-group
Revisamos neste trabalho a taxonomia das especies do grupo Vezenyii do genero de formigas Solenopsidini exclusivamente neotropical Oxyepoecus. Descrevemos cinco especies (O. browni, O. ephippiatus,Expand
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Primitive nest architecture and small monogynous colonies in basal Attini inhabiting sandy beaches of southern Brazil
The species Mycetophylax conformis, M. simplex and Cyphomyrmex morschi, all belonging to the basal Attini, occur exclusively on beaches along the Atlantic shores of South America. In Brazil C.Expand
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Cerrado ground-dwelling ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) as indicators of edge effects
Large-scale agricultural production in Brazil preferentially occupies plateaus reclaimed from areas originally covered by Cerrado (savanna). Depending on the region, a percentage of the pristineExpand
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