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The Unicorn as Lifelong Companion: Remixing Inclusive, Intergenerational Art Education Journeys with the Freedom of Froebel and Wildness of Waldorf
In what ways can the symbol of the unicorn represent and inform collaborative, intergenerational visions of art education? This paper outlines some of the roles of the unicorn as a theme and aExpand
Magical Aesthetics of Unicorns in Girlhood Visual Culture
Unicorns appear as enchanted and enchanting figures throughout fairy tales, popular media, fan art, and products, often intended or marketed for young girls. How can reading, viewing, and artmakingExpand
Making the Jews in the Hours of Mary de Bohun
The Book of Hours of Mary de Bohun offers an intimate, small-scale example of the larger relationship between Christians and Jews in post-expulsion England. In the Book of Hours , artists constructedExpand
Revisiting the South Station Hoard
Abstract Begun in 2012, the South Station Hoard is a collaborative effort to imagine, construct, and document a speculative treasure trove left by tween girls. In this essay, I introduce our project,Expand
Finding Faces: Alternative Approach to Portraiture
A face to me is like an apple to Cezanne. I am interested in the emotions the face conveys: the scars, wrinkles and unique characteristics on each. Yet, I am not interested in painting a “likeness”Expand
Poetics of the Fairy Tale Princess: Products, Problems, & Possibilities / Poésie de la princesse des contes de fées : produits, problèmes et possibilités
Abstract: In the following paper, the authors analyze the prevalence of princess culture in the literature, film, and visual culture of young people. An art educator, art historian, and professor ofExpand