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Sexual Selection, Physical Attractiveness, and Facial Neoteny: Cross-cultural Evidence and Implications [and Comments and Reply]
L'attirance physique et sa relation a la theorie de la selection sexuelle meritent une attention renouvelee de la part des anthropologues culturels et biologiques. L'A. s'interesse a une anomalieExpand
"Race" Is a Four-Letter Word: The Genesis of the Concept
Preface Introduction 1. THE BIOLOGY OF HUMAN VARIATION 1.1. Background of a Belief 1.2. Adaptive Traits: Clines 1.2.1. Skin 1.2.2. Tooth Size 1.2.3. Hemoglobin S 1.2.4. Blood Groups 1.2.5. ClustersExpand
The Potassium-Argon Dating of Late Cenozoic Rocks in East Africa and Italy [and Comments and Reply]
A technique for the potassium-argon dating of high potassium feldspars of less than 50,000 years age is described. The technique is applied to the obtaining of high precision ages in the time-rangeExpand
Old World sources of the first New World human inhabitants: A comparative craniofacial view
Human craniofacial data were used to assess the similarities and differences between recent and prehistoric Old World samples, and between these samples and a similar representation of samples fromExpand
Reflections on the face of Japan: a multivariate craniofacial and odontometric perspective.
Craniofacial variables for modern and prehistoric Japanese were subjected to multivariate analysis to test the relationships of the people of Japan with mainland Asian and Oceanic samples. The modernExpand
Starting with the onset of the last glaciation approximately 100,000 years ago and continuing to the end of the Late Pleistocene approximately 10,000 years ago, human tooth size began to reduce at aExpand
Structural Reduction in Evolution
  • C. Brace
  • Biology
  • The American Naturalist
  • 1 January 1963
1. While there is no doubt that currently accepted factors (mutation, selection, genetic drift, and migration) (Neel and Schull, 1954; Dobzhansky, 1955a) play a major role in determining theExpand
Japanese tooth size: past and present.
  • C. Brace, M. Nagai
  • Geography, Medicine
  • American journal of physical anthropology
  • 1 December 1982
Mesial-distal and buccal-lingual crown measurements were made on male and female samples of recent Japanese teeth from three locations, Fukuoka, Kyoto, and Tokyo, and for Hokkaido Ainu and Koreans.Expand
A nonracial craniofacial perspective on human variation: A(ustralia) to Z(uni).
  • C. Brace, K. Hunt
  • Biology, Medicine
  • American journal of physical anthropology
  • 1 July 1990
Dental and craniofacial measurements were collected for 57 samples from Asia, the Pacific, the aboriginal western hemisphere, and Europe. The craniofacial dimensions include many that are notExpand